Friday, March 4, 2011

Spoiled. Who's Not?

I've been thought of/called spoiled for about the 2nd half of my life. Do I mind? Well, only if its for the wrong reasons. Yeah, I know that I only have one brother who's 8 years younger than me so that automatically makes me a spoiled bitch person who never had to share anything in their life. Fuck yes. That's my reason for my hate of sharing a room and people touching my stuffs or hell, clean up the clutter on my desk.

It took me long enough to stop freaking out whenever the weekly cleaner comes to the house and clean my room and put stuffs at other places.

So, if you want to call me spoiled and not piss me off which might result in me flipping you off and saying what I think of you, do use these reasons:

Why Hanis is Spoiled

1. My dislike of public transport. Yes, the first time I used one was at 18. Yes, my parents drove me everywhere. Yes, they were worried for my safety. Is it my fault your parents couldn't care less?

2. Calling Mama and asking her if she happens to go grocery shopping, would she mind picking up cleanser/scrub/shampoo/snacks for me. Yes, I have money which Dad gives me. No, I'm not using that to buy those stuffs. Sorry if your parents are stingy making you buy them on your own.

3. Having Dad pick me up from the hostel to go home every week. What? Take the bus then the train then the bus? Are you fuckingkidding me? Refer to no.1 . My parents don't act like petrol/time is being wasted by picking/sending me.

4. Turning my nose up at certain food, claiming that there's a big chance they won't taste that good. Is it my fault that you weren't brought up by someone who can cook wonderfully and have the time and want to do so? Thought so.

Now, the reasons that made me lose my head and wish to bash someone's into a wall.

1. Bringing home my laundry and not wash them at the hostel by myself. How is that spoiled? You're just jealous. You don't even know that when I go home on weekends, I don't dump my laundry bag and pick it up full of clean clothes. I fucking wash my own clothes with the others. I fucking hang them all out. I fucking bring them all in. To put it easily, I do the whole house's laundry during weekends. Do you?

2. Not being eager to help clean around the hostel. From my observation, most of the time, the people who are eager to do so, are the ones who do nothing at all at home. I work my ass off at home doing chores you let your maid/mom/siblings do and you call me spoiled?

3. Expecting the best things and not liking second hand things. You have to be kidding me right? I never had hand-me-downs. I was brought up by parents who had enough money per kid. Not my fault that you came from a family that didn't plan and decides to have as much children as they want while the incomes stay constant.

4. Going home every week. This one just happened. I love my home. I love my family, despite the arguments. I'm wanted at home. I don't think my parents as just my financial source. I don't just call Dad and ask for more money while stay at the hostel spending the weekends away with friends. Must suck to be you.

5. Being fully financially supported by my parents. Why am I not taking out a student loan like you? Which let me remind you, the exact loan you spend mostly on phones/clothes/a new hairdo/shits that don't have anything to do with school. Dad says he still can support me. When he can't, I'll take a loan. This is refering to my studying. I'm fully aware of paying my parents back when I work. And hey, I have less spending money than all of you, true?

So, call me spoiled. Just not for the wrong reasons.

Peace Out.


PurpleMist. said...

I was nodding all through out this post!
I hate it when people think I'm spoiled just because of how my family runs.
In our culture, parents always pay for their child's education. It sucks that people can't mind their own business.

Awesome post! :D

Victoria said...

Yeah, you're spoiled. But, as someone who's heard the word "no" about four times in her pointless white middle class existnce, I say, spoiled bitches are more interesting to be around:). Plus, is it our fault our parents treated us like princesses? It's what we do from now on that matters.


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