Monday, March 14, 2011

I'm Thinking, Second Blog. Maybe?

So, in my boredom, well more like when I skipped a 4pm class due to being uber tired and sleepy, plus it was raining cats and dogs complete with thunder *was hiding under her blanket* I thought of an idea. Well, a concept for a second blog.

I love writing letters. Usually when I can't say it to the person intended. So, a blog of letters for random people in my life. Perhaps what I think about them. Or how I feel. Anything. Yes, names won't be included unless in certain cases.

This is obviously a short quick post. So, what do you think? Any thoughts? Ideas? Suggestions?

Peace Out.


Experiment House said...

It's a good idea…but perhaps just write the letters as regular posts and make a list on this blog. Anyway, it's up to you, I look forward to reading them. You better write one to me so I can guess it is! :P

The Girl With The Blue Earring said...

BEST. BEST IDEA EVER. I have a book in which I address letters to my imaginary lover. Who is sometimes Austrian, and sometimes Hispanic. It's GREAT fun. DO IT DO IT DO IIIIIT!!!!!!!!!!!

Furree Katt said...

go for it, i'll follow you there, too :D

Anonymous said...

1.) I think that's fantastic.
2.) I think you should keep it on this blog.

but it IS your decision and either way I'll read it and I'll love you.


Hanis. said...

@Mozart, I'll save that one for the last entry.

@Stalker aka Lioness aka Girl, wow, I have to read that book of yours.

@Furree, *drools at the thought of followers*

@Delaney, I think I might do that. I shall give more thinking time. :D

Lioness Without A Pride said...

I don't show it to ANYBODY. In fact, you (and all of blogdom, now) are the ones that know. :/ But yeah, it's fun :D I tend towards the dramatic, you see. :P

Aseela Haque said...

Awesome. I love the idea. DO IT.


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