Thursday, March 24, 2011

Mental Barriers Begone.

Today, I went to a wonderful talk entitled 'World of Actuaries". It was informative, interesting and the guy even made a Star Wars reference. In the seats around me, I was the only girl laughing. I think. So, one of the things that stuck to me was the slide on mental barriers.

The guy, a real, qualified actuary with all 10 papers under his belt told us to never think that we can't do it. Even though if you failed a paper once, twice or even thrice. Never go all:

"I'm not smart enough,"

"Everyone else is smarter than me,"

"I'm too dumb to do this,"

While listening to that, I was reminded of a highschool classmate I knew around 2002-2005-ish. She was .. sensitive. Like, easily offended to anything people say or do. Sometimes, people won't even mean it as an insult and she goes all huffy. Or sulky. Or pull herself away and go into that place within herself.

Hey, I so get that. Just that she was fricking annnnnoying when she does that. She tries to act all Holier-than-thou and humble with her:

"I'm not as smart as you,"

"I'm not as rich as you,"

That's for when I/anyone else gets higher marks or buy something new.

"Nah, its just luck"

"I had to save up to buy a book,"

That's for when she gets higher marks or buy something new.

Like, pleeease. I was 15 when I got so tempted to bite her head off. Or give a nice slap. Or a kick in the ass. Anything to stop her air of "The world just don't get me*sighs bravely*"

You're probably wondering how I can still remember all this and might have some residual ... yuckiness towards said classmate?

Let's just say I read her blog and yes, that air is still there. She's still kinda the same. And you know how some people are not rude/bitchy/mean/obnoxious but some people still don't like them?

Yeap. That's exactly her it.

So, the guy said that if we put up mental barriers, we'll never make it. Lesson learned. I should so use that for other aspects of my life.

I can get that one guy.

Peace Out.


Experiment House said...

Of course you can…but which one are you after? xDDDD

Hanis. said...

The one you basically told me to forget about because 5 years ago I didn't have a chance.


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