Sunday, March 27, 2011

My Vain Moment. Let Me Have It.

I had to get glasses when I was 14 and from then it was 4 years of ugliness. I didn't look like a sexy nerd. Regardless of how my glasses looked like. I was still awkward looking. So imagine my delight in getting contact lenses around my 19th birthday.

I loved it so much that most of my current classmates don't know that I'm half-blind visually challenged due to never wearing glasses to class.

When do I wear them?

At night or when I'm home, stuck there with no probability of going anywhere.

So do you see how vain I'am in this area? How I refuse to wear my cool looking Mashimaro glasses to class? They are cool. Black with white design at the sides.

Yesterday, for the first time in my life, I got a stye on my right eye. *hears screams of horror*

Its swelling and I'm frantically considering skipping classes till I'm alll good.

The doctor says its not infectious and I'll be good in 3-4 days, the quickest. *hears more screams* And it just has to be my luck that this week's classes are all important. I got group discussions. Replacement classes for about 6 hours. A Listening Test. And other blooody idiotic things.

I'm also considering buying an eye patch. And say that I'm chanelling my inner Mrs. Jack Sparrow.


Don't worry, I'll go to class once I convince myself no one will notice.

I've been living with having zits. What is a stye, right? *tries to convice myself*

Peace Out.

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Hamza Bin Ladin said...

My doctor asked me to wear glasses two years ago,but I didn't and I have lived two years without them,thats a feat mind you,pretending you can see things that you can't,i.e the board..:)
I got my contact lenses 2 weeks ago,and I'll be 17 next month.
You are 19? Y didn't you get lenses earlier??


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