Sunday, March 20, 2011

Week 6- Saying Something.

So, this week's question is:

If you could meet anyone, living or dead, who would it be? What would you say to them or ask them?

First of all, Mozart, I'm going to do this in a letter form. Because it seems to be the appropriate format for a question like this.

Dear Atuk(read: grandpa),

The first time I saw a picture of you was when I was 16, a small miniature hidden away by one of Mama's sisters. You indeed looked a quiet man, just how Mama described you. The calm parent. I grew up with stories of how kind and hardworking you were in raising a family of nine. You did many odd jobs to make ends meet and you still had time to look at all of your kids' homework every night.

Over the years, Mama told me how you grew up with a mean stepmother who had no qualms over beating you up with anything she can get her hands on. Thankfully you had plenty of aunts and uncles who interverned and took you in. You eventually married one of your own cousins and started a life of your own.

I'm not going to touch on how none of your 29 grandchildren and 2 great grandchildren got the chance to meet you. I'm sure we all missed out on a wonderful grandfather. What tears me up right now is how you passed away the day before your youngest daughter was born. Everytime I see my youngest aunt, I feel sad for her. I tried to imagine how it must be for her, for everyone during that first few years. Emotionally as Mama had told me how she had to work at a factory, peeling prawns at the age of 15 during weekends. And that was just the beggining.

If I could meet you, I would only say one thing. Thank you for making Mama your favourite. Only when she talks of you that she get the soft loved look on her face. I know she still misses you after 33 years. Maybe one day you'll meet again.


Hanis, your 6th grandchild.


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