Thursday, March 31, 2011

Random Letter 2

Dear Random Person No 2,

First thing first, I stopped talking not because of some envy thing going on. As I said plenty of times, I'm not mad at you because of the jealousy thing. I'm mad at the mindless .. people. Get that into your head alright? You're better than me in some aspects and I'm better than you in other aspects. Savvy?

Now, to the real reason. You were the middle person between me and a mutual friend. A middle person has to be fair. Not practically tell me its all my fault. And not see how the other person might have contributed to it. Definitely not by making me feel worse.

Of course, you telling other mutuals that we're not talking anymore due to my jealousy? Really mature. I thought I was the immature one. At least I don't tell people unless they ask me and I'll only say "We're not talking at the moment. Change subject now!".

That's all I wanted to say. And taking your cue in jumping to conclusions, I'm jumping to the conclusion that our friendship is over. Prove me wrong. Or not. I'm not caring anymore. Just, stay away from some people.

*brushes dirt off my shoulders before going away*


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