Friday, March 25, 2011

When I Give You a Tip, Take It.

I was in that stage between wonderful-naptime-where-I'll-dream-about-books-and-hot-guys and staying-awake-while-waiting-for-Mozart-to-come-back-from-his-shower when I read a post that made me laughed.

I commented.

Got inspired.

And here I'am.

Read this first.

I had several convos that were ... in the same manner. Just few adjustments here and there.

Note: All this happened in Malay so excuse the wonderfulnormal English.

Classmate:Hanis, how did you get so good in English?

Hanis: I read a lot.

Classmate: Read?

Hanis: Yes. Like, novels and such. I don't think I have any Malay novels at home.

Classmate: Oooh, like Twilight?

Hanis: ... other than Twilight.

Classmate: Gossip Girl!

Hanis: Anything that is not chick lit. Jodi Picoult and Jeffrey Archer got some great books.

Classmate: But ewwww, I don't like reading other books. They're so boring.

Hanis is tempted to smack classmate with the thick Marian Keyes book in her bag.

Why the fuck would you even ask me for advice and not try it out? My English is not top-notch. I have grammar problems (Ask Mozart) when I'm lazy. I have problems spelling certain words such as comfortable, professor and jewellery

Dad has this thick, big, heavy, hell-ish dictionary that he keeps in my room. Why? Everytime I ask him the meaning of a word he'll tell me the dictionary is in my room for a bloody reason. Yes, I've used it while reading a book and coming across a word I don't understand.

If said classmate asked me again, I'll tell her to read/watch/listen to anything in English. I do that. I get called (jokingly I hope) a traitor for admitting that I DON'T read Malay novels, watch Malay movies/dramas and the songs? I only know a handful. Which explains my lack of knowledge about the local entertainment industry.

Yeah, yeah, call me whatever you want. I'm not saying they're on a lower standard. Its just a matter of preference. And I admit that I make grammatical mistakes all the
time. Just perhaps less than some people.

Next time someone asks me how to get better in English, they better not show any emotions other than joy when I tell them to read.

Peace Out.


amneh said...

ko nehhhh jujur sgt..xsume blh trime ape yg ko ckp unless they knw who u r...

Furree Katt said...

OMGGGG, a lot of people ask me the exact same thing. and i always have the same reply for them. i've been an avid reader of English books ever since i could read. i HATE it when people think reading is boring or that it sucks or if it's too tough! it seriously annoys me.


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