Friday, March 11, 2011

Let Me Tell You a Story.

I'm going to tell you a story. An interesting one, in my opinion. It happened about 5 months ago to a young lady who was interning her ass off for a handful of months. So one day her supervisor from university came to visit and fastfowarding the story, the supervisor told her that her office supervisor mentioned how good her English is.

So this young lady just gave a half shrug, awkward and not knowing how to reply to that. But wait, it seems the supervisor from university had her own comment.

"Of course, *insert university's name* puts emphasis on our students' English and they have English classes and so on,"

It was obvious that the supervisor was saying that this young lady's ability to converse in English is all thanks to the university. Now, the interesting part is what went on in this intern's mind.

"Fucking bullshit."

In her opinion, her fluency has nothing to do with her university. Her presentation skills, yes. Her getting over her stage fright, yes. Her English? No. Yes, she learns in English at university but that didn't contribute anything. Just look at some of her classmates. Or a random student in the whole campus. Some are good. Some aren't. Some tempts her to smack their mouth shut.

The good, the bad and the ugly.

So, it was obvious why she was kinda pissed at the supervisor's comment. She was tempted to snap her fingers and go all:

"Lady, my being good in English is due to my reading/writing/listening/watching things in English. Let's not forget my living abroad for 2 short years. That might have sparked her interest Nothing to do with the university's system. So don't take credit for it,"

But the intern said nothing and only gave another shrug. When she went home that day, she told her mother who laughed so hard. And said the exact thing that her daughter thought. The university had nothing to do with it. If so, why most of the other students aren't as good?

The End.

Wonderful story right?

Peace Out.


Experiment House said...

Remember your supervisor who said your report - which I edited with my native fluency in the language - was written in "second rate English"?

r.alsharif said...

I hate it when people claim false credit on something they have nothing to do with, but hey as long as you know it was all your work not theres, whatever gets them through the day

Hamza Bin Ladin said...

I hate when ppl give credit to others on my triumphs.

Nevertheless,there are things that can always take credit of you that are your parents, friends and schools.Saying that not all the students,children triumphed is not enough.You have to share ur credit with them..:)

That's just what I believe.You just don't have to agree with me..:)

Aseela Haque said...

This made me laugh. It's absurd how schools and universities could take credit for your English language skills.


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