Monday, March 7, 2011

Muse Needed. A Particular One.

Have you read Mozart's post today? No?

Go take a look, leave a comment after listening to the video/song he posted on there and come back right here.

I'll wait.

*distracts myself with a bar of chocolate*

Welcome back.

So, the wonderful musician decided to try and make it a nice full song. Which made him explain bash in the meaning of a bridge, chorus and verse. And told me to be a good girl and write some for him.

There's just few tiny problems with that.

I wrote the poem with someone in mind. A muse you can say. I need said muse to write what Mozart wants. Well, not really. I can rely on memory. Seeing as I'm such a hopeless case in said muse's situation.

What do I expect in this effort?

1. More dreams.

2. Writing on scraps of paper.

3. Distracted by a line in class, perhaps Economics.

Wish me luck?

Thank you so much.

*gives a godchild*

Peace Out.


Experiment House said...

How many kids do you expect to have!!?? But yes, I do agree, definitely check out Mozart's blog.

Talha said...

good post

Jodie-Ann said...


Lioness Without A Pride said...

I couldn't make out the lyrics, actually. But I think your friend is kind of a blessing cuz he can make your words into music for you, Hanis! How amazing is that! Why're you even hesitating? DOITDOITDOITTTTTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!

P.S: You have Eco? I LOVE ECO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Experiment House said...

And I totally agree with Talha. It is a good post. And also, for the readers, she was a very good girl and wrote not only one more verse, but two! More than I expected!

Aseela Haque said...

Godchild. LOL.

Experiment House said...

And incidentally I also agree with Lioness. And I apologise for the lack of decent singing. I promise to make it better when it's all finished!


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