Tuesday, December 7, 2010

200th Post and Its Serious.

Mama, the 46 year old woman who cooks such wonderfully delicious dishes (yes, I blame her food for my weight) will be undergoing surgery this Friday. Its her third one and all of us are scared but wise enough to shut our mouths up so she won't get scared.

When I was 15, she had to remove a cyst from her breast and it went well. Two years later, she had another cyst, this time in her reproduction system. Don't ask me for more specifics cause I don't remember how to spell the name. Biology and me = disaster. I got a C.

Anyway, moving on from that, this upcoming surgery is the tummy tuck. No, she's not doing it purely for cosmestic reasons. You see, she lost quite some weight over the past few years but for some reason, she has loads of excessive skin over her tummy. Its that bad that when she sits, her tummy overflows. If she sits cross legged on the floor, her tummy will touch the floor.

With that, comes pain. Her back hurts her from all the weight she's carrying and she was living on painkillers few months ago.

Now, here's my ranting part.

The insurance wouldn't cover the surgery. They say they don't cover cosmestics surgery. Fine, I do get that. But the insurance does states that if its done for health reasons, its covered. Guess what? They said no. They told my mom to live the rest of her life on painkillers. Which eventually would be changed to stronger and stronger painkillers so it will be effective.

Which lead to my parents going to a government hospital instead of our normal private one. Trust me, I'm not a snob but still, the waiting list and service and waiting list and .. I'll shut up. At the place, there's two options.

  1. Waiting list for a minimum of 3 months. Pay 100 Ringgit.
  2. As soon as possible, which means when the doctor comes back from his holiday, pay 8000 Ringgit.

My parents took the 2nd option cause its been hurting my mom badly. And here we are, three more days before the operation. She'll be admitted on Thursday and will stay there for a minimum of 5 days after the operation.

Here's to hoping Mama will go through it bravely and come out well. Let's not even talk about the after care. But it will result in me going back and forth from uni for January instead of staying in a hostel and coming home during the weekends. Why? I need to take care of her. Dad will do so too but that's not enough.

And no, I'm not overly worried. I'm just hoping she'll be alright.


PurpleMist. said...

Hope everything goes well with the surgery!

Furree Katt said...

i second PurpleMist. you're such a good daughter, truly!


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