Thursday, December 2, 2010

Do I Know You? Oh Wait, I Need To Take One Last Bite.

Last night, I was having two different conversations with two different people. Noelle and Mozart. It happened around the same time, give or take 20 minutes. It was two different conversations but for some time, there was the same line of thought. I have to admit it made me mope for a bit. It made me felt slightly foolish. But just for a short while.

What's the line of thought?

What qualifies me to say that I know someone well?

How many questions?

How long should I know them?

I don't think there's a clear formula of questions and length of knowing time that will let me say that "Yes, I know this person quite well,"

Its not like:

xquestions + ytime = knowing said person

God, see how the mind of a math geek works? Everything in formulas and equations. Bloody silly I say. And while talking to Noelle last night about a certain situation that creeped up in my conversation with Mozart (yes, the matter that made me mope around) I used an example with the former.

Only a chocolate lover would compare this blog topic to this.

Let's start from the left, alright?

All that gold wrapping signifies a person and the way they present themself to the society. You know, the physical typical stuffs such as appearance, the way they laugh or the way they dress. You don't have to know someone to gather this information. You can know this about a stranger just by looking at them for a couple of minutes, true?

The second one, minus the wrapping is the information of said person. Of their family. Their upbringing. Their hometown. Something you can get to know in a short talk.

Moving on to the third piece. I call this the personal information part. Hobbies. Dislikes. What ticks them off. Favourite food. Favourite colour. Generic first date topics. Something what one would write on a "About Me" page. And I might also add political views and religion.

And here we are, at the last piece (which is the tastiest of this chocolate I might say). This piece is the core of a person. One you find out through intimate talks. One you know through interest. This core holds the person's dreams. Where would they travel to if they can. That secret desire to be something. Do you get what I'm saying here?

I can't say I know a lot of people at every single layer. From the wrapping to the chocolate goodness. I know Mamon this well. I know about her family. I know some of her secrets. Some of her fears. I know she loves pink. I know how her hair is. But this is a girl I've been close to for more than 3 years. And been roommates and classmates with. How can I not know her in a full Ferrero Rocher way?

I know Noelle in bits and pieces for every layer. It's like I took a bite from the chocolate. And have half of it left. With Mozart, its just a matter of a smaller bite. Even more to know about him.

Some people, I know them by their outer layers. Not the inner ones. And for others, I might know the inner layers and not the outer parts. But still, can I say that I know them well? When its incomplete?

God, this is getting longer than I thought but what I'm trying to say is in my opinion, you have to get to know every layer of a person to really say that you know them. There's no proper way of which layer to get know first. Start from the inside and go out. Or outside to in. Hell, pick the 2nd layer before jumping to the inner most one.

One thing for sure, its going to take a while no matter what.

And yes, I'm going to work on getting to know one particular piece of Ferrero Rocher very well. As I've said before, I might not know what every layer holds but I do know that I really really like it so far.. Here's to hoping there won't be something that I don't like in those layers.

Peace Out.

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