Tuesday, December 21, 2010

I'm Acting My Age? Wow.

While having lunch in the kitchen today :

Mama: You know, since I went into the hospital for the surgery and then came back, I realised that you're finally acting your age.

Hanis: Wait, what?

Mama: You're finally acting like a mature 21 year old.

Hanis: *speechless*

Mama: Before this, you were like a 16 year old.

Hanis: *still speechless*

Mama: I'm proud of you

I'm still speechless about that until now. Does this mean I'm mature? Oh My Gawd. That's kinda sad. I still have a vendetta against some people. And I have mood swings. But then, I'll be mature in front of the parents.


Furree Katt said...

you're 21? O.O i never would have guessed!

Mia said...

Woop, mature-ness!
High fiiive.

Hanis. said...

@ Furree = OMG. Is that an insult or a compliment ? xD How old did you think I was?

@ Mia = High fiveee. I've always been told I act so young.

Kamila said...

As the saying goes, "Everybody grow old, but not everybody grow-up" Maybe your just a late bloomer... don't worry too much x)

realities.dragon.fly said...

Ahaha wow. I would have taken that as a slap in the face. Yet you were so calm

Furree Katt said...

i thought you were younger. but its a compliment. :D


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