Friday, December 24, 2010

Bring Your Tissues. Award Time.

The first thing I thought of when I saw not only Kamila but Jodie-Ann had awarded me this amazingly awesome award was that:

"Fuck. Seven other bloggers. Can I re-award the people who gave me?"

Well, that was after the slight gloating to myself and dancing around in excitement. So, here goes.

*takes a deep breath*

*is currently on her tummy in front of the tv downstairs while Mama sleeps on the couch*

Now, I must say 7 things about myself and give the award to 7 other people. Whoever I award this to, MUST say 7 things about themselves as well, AND give it to 7 flexible, adaptable, VERSATILE bloggers. (I'm just going to give the award to bloggers I like.) <---- Total copy and paste by the way.

7 Things About Me

(Please tell me I'm not the only one humming Miley's 7 Things while writing the title above)

1. I like flip phones. I do mean, flip cell phones. Mobile phones. Hand phones. Whatever you call it. It just seems to have more privacy.
2. I totally totally find it urgh when I see someone chewing gum so openly. Like, while walking around. Or *gasps* while talking. Its easy. Spit. Talk. Get a new piece of gum.
3. I don't really watch tv. If I do, most of the time it will be cooking show/ travel show/ CSI/ Project Runway.
4. Online-wise, I talk the most to Mozart and Noelle.
5. Ariel is my favourite Disney princess while Prince Phillip is my favourite Disney prince.
6. I don't really like the sun. Yes, I live in a tropical place.
7. OMG, No. 7 already. Hmmm, people often guess I'm an only child or have elder brothers and sisters. And they get shocked when I tell them I'm the eldest with one younger brother. Yes. I know. I need to look more ... something. I'll figure it out.

And here's the hardddd part. I'll try to get to 7. Even with re-awarding the people that awarded me since I totally think they deserve it :D

Jodieeee, the amazing Jodie of The Run-On Sentences of Life. I just love her blog. Her posts. Her comments on mine. ( Yes, that's the best one ever for a comment-whore). She's just so amazing.

Kamila from Basket of Dreams. How can you not like a blog with such an awesome name as that? She's sweet. And brave. I love her 10 days challenge thingie where she put up a vid of her singing. Hell, I'll never do that. But she did :D

Delaney of Diaries of a High School Sophomore. What can I say about the girl who puts up cute pics of kitties and emails me? She's amazingly lovely and sweet. And what can I say, I just love reading about her and her boyfriend who share the same surname! (Please tell me you think this is just wow.)

Now, this blog, is so cute. I've shamefully, only commented once but that doesn't mean its less awesome. A cute cow, pictures of fooood and even a goat. Please click and read Beruchi's Tsuki Adventures.

got a purple layout thingie going. Okay, I love purple. So, I just love staring at the colour. Then, PurpleMist, the blogger of such purple-ness has enough will power to do one of those blogging topic list and stick to it! I know someone (me) who couldn't even finish the first topic. For that, she deserves this award.

Okay, I can only do 5 D:

To the ones that gave me the award, you have a rainbow coloured heart!

To the ones listed, you get an award! Even if I'm the second person to give so.

To the ones reading this thinking "Damn, Hanis is MEAN", I'm sorry :( I'll give you a godkid of mine :D

Peace Out.


Furree Katt said...


PurpleMist. said...

Wow thanks for the award! :D
You live in Malaysia and you don't like the sun?
lol, I know how you feel, I prefer winter!

Anonymous said...

My new love = you.
Just thought I'd share.
And no, not because you think I'm versatile.
Just cause you're great.

Experiment House said...

You better have enough godchildren to go around.

Kamila said...

You know what I also LOOOOOVEE FLIP phones... but just because I love it when I flip it close after a long talk.. hahahahaha!!! COngratulation HANIS!! ANd thank you soo soo sooooo much for giving me back an award!!! I appreciate it! Don't worry I'll visit those blogs you listed...

Jodie-Ann said...

I feel so loved! :D

Hanis. said...

@Furree= *hands over a goddaughter* Take care of her for me!

@Purple, Well, I don't act all hissy when I get into the sun, but I do avoid it as much as possible.

@Delaney, awwww, you're so great too. <3

@Mozart, yes, I'll just persuade more friends to let me be the godmother of their kids. Can I be yours?

@Kamila, Haha, that closing the lid effect is amazing. Its like "I'm done talking to you," *flips close*

@Jodie, Heeehheee, you are!! xD

Experiment House said...

Yes Hanis, you can be Godmother to my children. Provided the mother, whoever they are, agrees, and they are brought up Christians with a healthy skepticism of the Church.


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