Wednesday, December 8, 2010

I'm Being Immature, Hence This Post.

Do you know the saying:

Judge a man by how he treats his inferiors, not superiors?

Of course you do. Most people do. I think its a logical saying. Nearly everyone is nice to their superior, cause duh. But is everyone nice to the maid or some random worker? No.

And of course, there's also the " If you want to know what kind of a guy he is, ask his ex girlfriends/wives,"

Like, another big duh. If you ask the current one, chances are you'll get a biased review.

And this leads to the point of this post. Yes, its an anger-based post. But in minimal dose. I swear I won't rant. Or curse. Too much.

Defining someone's character is best made from a neutral person. Not based on a close friend's opinion. Or someone they like. People tend to be such fucking assholes and fakes put out their best qualities when they're with someone they fancy/like. Or to put it easily:

Prince Charming could actually be a he-bitch when he's not talking to you.

Yes, I'm immature. This post is too. Being mature and diplomatic? I'm not gonna do it for this. Of course, it takes a real man to really tell someone the reason of their actions. You can be 30 years old and be a fucking kid hiding behind excuses. Of course, I got a big smile on my face when I type this. I'm also eyeing my thickest hardback book.

If A can treat B in a bad way, what's the probability A'll do it to C too? Pretty big I can say.

Peace Out.

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Anonymous said...

Hanis. You're probably the most lovely and intelligent woman I know. Just thought I'd share.


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