Thursday, December 9, 2010

What Mama Taught Me and How I Changed It.

When I was little, like, around 5 years old, I was this cute pig-tailed girl who love wearing dresses and skirts while playing samurai with my male cousins. Of course, I had a toy samurai sword thanks to Dad. It was kept right beside my Barbie doll collection. Yes, I grew up in a balanced environment. Being the only child right up till I was 8 and a half years old gave me a nice sense of my gender.

Anyway, when I was that little girl, Mama taught me a very nice lesson. She had first told me while sewing curtains on her sewing machine as I sat beside her, learning how to read from my Doraemon comic books. Yes, I didn't learn to read from those Peter and Jane books (tell me, did you guys learn from those too or is it just the kindergarden I went to?) but I learnt from comic books. It was in Malay of course and English started from Peter and Jane that moved onto Enid Blyton.

So, the lesson she told me was to always be good to others and you'll get the same. To never do evil/be mean to others so no one would do evil/be mean to you. Basically its the "What goes around comes around," law. Which is totally reminding me of The First Newton Law ( Something like that, I wasn't really paying attention in Phsyics) to which my teacher said basically "What goes around comes around,". I know there's the mention of force somewhere but the only concept I can remember after 4 years is Inertia.*is so proud of remembering that*

I basically held that lesson close to my heart throughout the years. Combine that with my laidback-ness and "This is so not worth it" when it comes to arguing, I got treated like shit and used by friends. Did I care? Well, I might have cried my eyes out at night, wondering how can I be friends with such backstabbers before putting on a smile the next day and live on.

Mama might said that I lack friends in quantity. And that I've gone through phases with friends who eventually turn to half strangers I wish Happy Birthday to on Facebook and vice versa. She would also say, the friends that stay are the ones that I can meet up after a year and fall back into a pattern.

Which leads to my view on life. I took my mom's lesson and changed it to "If I don't involve myself in your business, you don't have the right to do so with me,". This is the key to my 3 years-ish friendship with Mamon. We're two different people and we've never fought before. I have people asking me how is that even possible.

"I don't judge her and vice versa,"

Isn't that easy, people? I basically said that as long as a friend of mine is not being pimped around/selling drugs/involved in black market/be in a satanic cult I don't mind. As long as they're not purposely hurting themself, I'll act as if its normal. Which gives me the right to not be judged. Do I judge people? If they judge me first. Or if they give me reason to do so. Such as being a bitch.

Let me tell you a story that happened earlier this year. A girl judged me based on my religious doings, well more like what I wasn't doing. I let it slide the first time. The second time. The third time came and I told her I don't think she has the right to say so. And then I proceed to tell her what she's doing wrong in the religious sense. And basically told her that "Hey, you might be more religious than me, but I'm pretty sure my basis is stronger than yours,"

Yes, she deserved it. And like, duh, when I tell people things like that after being treated like shit, you can bet it won't be all nice and polite and even toned. Well, I won't be shouting or screaming but I won't say "I don't mean to offend you," anytime soon.

How did this post started from telling how I was as a five year old to my ranting out a holier-than-thou person? I have no idea. Its just the way I'am. In my mind, its connected. In an English teacher's mind? They'll probably be writing notes "Unsmooth. No connections at all," in bright red pen. But hey, this is a blog. Not my essay. Not that I'm advocating bad writing and grammar but loosen up a bit on the rules.

Right now, I'm in a lounge on the 7th floor at the hospital. Mama got admitted couple of hours ago and I got bored sitting in the room. So I got my bag (filled with book, laptop, sweets and a bottle of water) and sat in the nearest lounge with my eye on the tv (Weather Girl is on and Byron is so hot. Note to self: Look up on Wiki at home), sucking on my strawberry and cream candy while typing this post on a Notepad. Oh well, here's my new life lesson that I'm following:

If you're a bitch to me, you don't deserve any kindness and consideration or even diplomacy.

Peace Out


Kamila said...

i'm sorry that your mom is in the hospital now... hope she get well soon...

i feel a rather negative vibes on this post.. but I'm not starting with the vibes, because I might look like a fortune teller on that.. or whatever..

anyway..i think the physics thing your talking about it every action has an equal reaction??? or maybe not... i don't know..

i also have difficulties regarding physics..and b/c it's a little tiny bit connected to math..

and I know this is being a long dummy comment.. hahaha... i really don't have anything to say.. hahaha :)

Hanis. said...

Hahaha. You can always do your fortune teller thingie with me. I'll be interested. But yes, if you can see, some of my recent posts are a bit of anger-ish thus the bad vibes. Its just that I'm mad at a "friend" and I take it out on here. So maybe you are a fortune teller D:

Ooooh, yeap, that's the physics thing. Haha. I hate physics cause its too logic. Yuck. And aww, not a dummy comment :P I like it.


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