Saturday, December 18, 2010

Cause I Want To? Fuck Yes.

If you can ask someone who's on my yahoo friend list and talk to me often, there's a big chance they'll say:

"Hanis was a grumpy person today,"

Today is a perfect example for the chance to use one of the oldest female excuse in explaining their less-than-normal behaviours. Yes, I'm talking about:

"Its the time of the month,"

Blame the hormones.

But not today. I'll be honest today. As I told Mozart earlier to his

"Why are you so grumpy today?"

"Cause I want to,"

There, I have a right to be grumpy without having hormones running around in me. And like duh, I'm that unique that usually, during the time of the month, I'm alright. Unless someone deprives me of my chocolates. Then, I'll grab a keyboard and smack them hard on their face while cackling.

Peace Out.


Mia said...

I hate that people assume that it's the time of the month for you if you're grumpy.
It's annoying.
But yes, let's all be grumpy because we want to be!

Anonymous said...

Some people think that there always has to be a reason to be moody. So what if there's not a reason? Do we always have to be happy, cheerful and enthusiastic?

Hell no.


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