Sunday, December 19, 2010

A Bet I Want to Lose. Maybe.

Last night, I had a dream. It was one of those random, everyday life dreams. Usually its not memorable, at all. But not this one because it had him. Yes, I'm not even gonna give this guy a nickname but I'll just refer as him. He's the one that inspired this pretty little post. And god, I swear if he reads my blog and this post, he might know I'm talking about him. If he's as smart and sharp as I think he is.

So what if I had a dream about a guy? Its a common thing, true? But then, this is the guy I haven't seen in a number of years. And who I have to admit, was crazy about for some time in my last high school year.

I got to stop rambling.

Anyway, last night dream was the second dream in few weeks that had him in it. Thus it became a memorable dream with me telling Mozart and Noelle about it, hoping for some kind of wise insight. I did end up moping to the latter on how my dreams are mocking me by letting him appear in them. To which I can't explain the reason behind that. Typical Hanis.

While telling Mozart about the dream, him and how my friends are worse than me in the hopeless romantic sense, I remembered a bet I made in 2006. To be exact, 20th February 2006.

*clears throat*

I call it ...

The 20 Year Bet

I know, but my friend chose that number. I think I'll explain it in point form. Easier to understand in my opinion.

- Yes, its going to go on for 20 years, right until 20th February 2026.

- It states that if we (me and him) ever get involved in a semi-serious way, I lose the bet which means my friends were right.

- Yes, this can even apply to one of us getting married then divorcing before getting involved with the other. As long as we get involved.

- Whoever loses will have to pay the winner 100 ringgit or whatever that match the value of 100 ringgit in 2006 at the time of payment.

- Its only between me and one friend. Thank god. Well, that is if I lose. Not that I'm wishing to lose ...

- If I get involved with him on the 21st February 2026, I still win.

But as I've told my friends jokingly, if I lose, I won't be the one paying up. Its nearly 5 years now since the bet and I'm going on strong. God, is it just me or does that sound depressingly hopeful? To quote my friends,

"Its in the stars,"


I told ya, worse hopeless romantics.

But of course, if by any chance him is reading this, give me a call. *winks*

*smacks head on wall*

Do ignore that small burst of optimism.

*looks up at the stars, trying to see what my friends see*

And that one too.

Just 15 more years. *grins*

And who knows, Hugh Jackman might have snapped me up.

Peace Out.

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