Sunday, December 12, 2010

I Swear When I Get Married/Have Kids, I'll Get a Maid. A Daily One.

Its Sunday morning, Day Four of hospital visits. The hospital is a 30 mins drive away. With only the brother along, its torturous.

I'm too tired to type out something more than decent. Even though my first time waiting outside the Operation Theater is something to tell. I have little notes in my phone, of what to write about. In my head at that time I thought I'll write up a powerful post. That night, I tried and failed.

The brother is picky with me being the cook. Everytime I mention having rice for a meal he makes a face. And I'm tempted to leave him at the hospital with Mama and Dad.

That's why I have a tuna and sausage mayo pie fresh from the oven for today's lunch. Its my first time making a big pie. Not one of those small serving sizes. It led to some difficulties.

  1. I didn't have enough tuna. Just bought one can.
  2. I don't know how to use the pastry pieces to make it one big pie.

It looks funny. But I bet its gonna taste good *cross fingers for luck*

Yesterday, while doing a mini version of grocery shopping, I saw myself in a mirror and thought I looked so darn tired. What did I do? Bought a face mask. It felt gooood. And my skin didn't look so dull anymore.

Anyway, the bro just got out of the shower so that means I have to start getting ready. I "plan" to be out of the house by noon. But as we all know about the best laid plans. It sucks.

Peace Out.


Sammu! said...

Gotta love baking pies!
I hope the visit is a bit more bearable this time :) x

Kamila said...

when i was still in the philippines,.. i feel like a darn maid with my brothers... i hate it.. because i'm the only girl but that doesn't mean i'll be doing all the chores ey..

anyway.. i'm with my mom.. and i'm still doing all this chores... and i hate myself..

Hanis. said...

Pies = amazing. And thankfully, it came out good, even Mama said it looked pretty ^^ And the visit was good, we didn't stay as long as before so we were back home before 5.

@Kamilla, I hate chores too but Mama insists its practice. And yeah! Why should you do it all? For me, if a guy can do chores, its something good.

Awww :( You should tell her you're overworked or something? Or maybe she's busy?


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