Saturday, December 4, 2010

Its Another Book Related Post. Online Style.

Being a bookworm, the only thing about online shopping that attracts me is the books. Or the availability of a book. Especially for books that aren't available in Malaysia yet. So one day, while in the car on the way home from work, I had such a wonderfully brilliant idea.

"Dad, I was wondering if I can use your credit card?"

*insert suspicious look from him*


"Well, I was thinking of getting some books from Amazon. I'll pay you back!"


I know, I was thinking "Sure? That easy?" but I just shrugged and hummed my way to happiness. Or more like fell asleep during the car ride. I just love those car ride naps. Wonderful.
Later that night, I went to Amazon, hummed for a bit as I try to come up with a book I want.

Yes, the list is so long.

I finally made up my mind for a J.R Ward book. If you don't know her, google her. She has amazing amazing books. One is a vampire romance adventure series. And no, the vampires don't sparkle like a certain silly vampire. Boy, I wish Buffy will stake him. Or splash holy water on him. Wait, stake to the heart, spread the ashes on Bella. Damn, I got a bestseller idea there.

*clears throat* Anyway, I found a guidebook on the Black Dagger Brotherhood. We got that here but at about 50 ringgit. And not many copies. I've only come across one copy. And it was only 8 American dollars. Which is 25 Ringgit-ish.

Ding Ding Ding.

We got a winner.

But wait, there's the delivery charge.

Fuck,I need to live in the States to get it free.

How much was it? 12 dollars.

Yes, ladies and gentlemen. It was 4/3 of the book's price.

I know, do curse away.

Say it with me.

What. The. Fuck.

There, feels good right?

The total would be 2o dollars = 63 ringgit.

Now, imagine the smirk on my dad's face when I told him. Yes, I'm crying. Well, not really. But still.

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