Monday, December 20, 2010

Don't Mess With My Lil Bro.

Earlier today, around 6pm I heard the sounds of kids playing outside. There were screams and laughters. You know, joyful sounds. It took me about 30 mins to come to the realisation that I don't have any neighbours with kids that young. Most are around my age and older with a small group around my brother's age.

As I was trying to figure out if the empty houses beside and in front of my house had new tenants, the joyful laughter turned to cries. It was pitiful. The screams turned to shouts. I got curious and eventually set my laptop down, abandoning my chatting escapades to peek out of my bedroom window which face the other houses.

What did I see?

There were 4 boys, around 4- 7 years old. The smallest, on his bike were the one crying while I assume, from the shouts coming from two other boys, his brothers told him to go back home. One of the brother started to shove the lil one on the shoulder with shouts of "Go back home!!"

Subconciously, my fingers curled around the grills on my window as I continue watching the scene in front of me. My other hand reached out to push my window wider. I had a desire to shout to the brothers to stop bullying the little one. I wanted to run downstairs and out of my gate before shoving the bully's shoulder.

Just as I was eyeing the bullies, the little boy, weeping, cycled back home to a house I once thought was occupied by a Sikh couple with two daughters older than me. I watched as the boy's mother or someone called him in. I remember thinking

"If you dare bully your brother again in front of my house, you'll get it from me,"

I'm the stranger lady who tells you off at the mall for picking on your lil sister while Mommy is too busy shopping.

And that, wasn't even my own brother. I admit that I have that perhaps common case of "I'm the only one that can bully my sibling,". Just earlier this year, my brother came back home from a game of futsal, with tears running down his face as he bends over slightly, clutching his stomach in pain with his shorts torn slightly.

There were bruises on his stomach and Mama took him to the clinic. After asking over and over, we found out that another boy, who got in the way in the ball kicked by my brother ( This is very common. Trust me. I once played for 15 mins. I got hit on the shoulder once and on the side of the head once.) had kicked and punched my brother in anger. Even when my brother had said sorry when the ball had hit him.

Even as the other boys dragged them apart, the boy threw a water bottle at him. And of course, using her mother connections, Mama found out the boy came from a busy family. Dad works. Loads of siblings. Mom's too busy to pay attention to each child. He has an older brother who's a bully at school. Mama told the lil brother not to mess with the boy.

My reaction? I found out in a phone call on Tuesday (the day of the incident) cause I was at the hostel. I came home on Friday and told my brother:

"Lil bro, you get your baseball bat, I'll get Dad's golf clubs. You know his house right?"

"Err, yes?"

"Let's go and fucking beat his ass up."

Mama intervened.

"Hanis! That boy has a brother,"

"Oh please. I got a cousin with even more power there,"

"Hanis! Don't teach your brother,"

"He kicked my brother's ass. Let's go and hit his balls, lil bro,"

Of course, I didn't go. Mama hid her car keys. Damn it. But I did told the lil bro next time someone hits him, he needs to hit him back.

Honestly, lil bro is not a pansy. He just don't think provoking people is fun. He thinks its not worth it. But when someone hits him, I expect him to make that boy bleed. Oh wait, in 5th grade, a boy punched his eye. Lil bro punched him, making the boy have a split lip and a loose teeth. Mama was scandalised. I was proud.

This aggresive part of me came out when lil bro was picked on by a little girl at the playground about 9 years ago. What did I do? I screamed at the little bitch. And when her mom got offended. I flipped her off and told her that her brat will be a mean girl in the future. She said I was rude. As if I care.

I'm not even gonna mention the time I nearly kicked a cousin. He was picking on my brother. Of course, since then the cousins knew if they pick on my brother, they'll get it from me. Hell, I don't even think aunts and uncles are allowed to scold my brother.

"Like, excuse me? Did you raise him? No. So shut up,"

Yes, I did say that when I was 14. I became the black sheep because most people are idiots and don't listen to both sides. Bitter me. I'm protective of my brother. Sometimes, even with my parents. So, the point of this long-ish post is that, I love my brother and if you even dare mess with him, I'll get the car and ram your ass with it.

Or get the golf club.

Don't you wish I'm your sister now?

Peace Out.


PurpleMist. said...

Hahaha, you really are a protective sister.. awesome :D

Jodie-Ann said...

Lool I'm the same way. I can't stand bullies. Hell, screw the baseball bat. I'm looking for a shotgun.

Furree Katt said...

beee myyy sisterrrrrrrr.

Hanis. said...

He's my only brother, so I have to be super protective. But that doesn't mean I can't kick his butt when he mess up ...

Jodie, I think you and I would be great friends.

Hanis. said...

Sureeeeee. Who do you want me to beat up? xD


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