Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Dreaming of Stories.

I've been dreaming of stories since I can remember. Okay, since I was 17 or so. That was when I started writing more than poetry. The dreaming turned to daydreaming of being in a plot, thinking up scenes and dialogues. I got to knew the characters, felt the tension and emotions between them. I became them.

I remember the first dream I had, it was just one scene that evolved into a short story in my waking hours. I remember how I zoned out during a Biology lesson (trust me, it was that boring) and thought of how the two character will have their confrontation. It was a love story. Sue me, I'm a sucker for love stories. Romance. I love writing them. Too bad I can't write my own.

The first story started with a girl overhearing someone playing the piano while searching for her journal. It was cliche I have to admit. The guy/pianist saw her and she ran. He found her book. And you can imagine how it went. Few weeks later, I had a dream of a princess in a far-away land watching from her window the war captives her father brought home.

This one, was a story of love without an exchanging of words. It had compassion and sacrifice. It had a bittersweet ending. I remembered thinking that one day, I'll pick it up and write a novella from it. Starting from few years after his escape.

Since then, I dreamt of longer stories. It was all romance. Some were magical. Some were just everyday life. But underneath it all, it was a love story. I have dreams of friendship that turned to love. Of enemies changing to lovers. Of misunderstanding. Of unrequited love.

Love. Love. Love.

Hell, I'm sure when I get a book published, it would be put under the Romance section. Okay, I prefer fiction. I can just see it now. *daydreams for a bit* Yeap, I'll take a pretty picture for the author's part in the book. And I'll be rich!!! Wahahaha. Ooopsie, said that out loud again?

Its been about four years now since I've started dreaming about stories. Plotline more like it since each of them are now a novel length one. I have names. I have the critical emotional parts in my head. Sometimes, when I'm on my bed, listening to music with my eyes closed, I'll imagine another scene for one of the stories.

Is it just me or do other people that write tend to cry while thinking of the sad scenes? If its just me, I'll blame it on my "I tend to cry while reading books and watching movies. Disney or Pixar movies most of the time" syndrome.

I got some friends asking me:

"Hanis, what would your novel be about?"

"I have no fucking idea,"

There's just too many dreams going on in my head. I suppose I'll make up my mind one day. Now, I just have to go and think up of a meeting-up scene in my latest dream. This one, involves spies for a change. Not vampires or angels.

Peace Out.

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Kamila said...

what you do is... whenever you dream about something, write it immediately when you wake up.. i mean.. keep a journal where you can write your dreams.. keep that journal with you..and during idle moments.. whenever an idea gets you.. write it immediately..

i'm not a writer.. i just also got that tip.. and I think..it's effective because i hardly remember my ideas..

but i think this will work also for you.. and.. goodluck!! i wish you could write a novel someday... :)


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