Friday, December 31, 2010

Curses! Bar of Soap Anyone?

Hanis : I'm such a blog whore

This convo happened after leaving a comment on Mozart's latest post barely a few minutes after he posted it. Yes, since we talk as much as possible when both are awake a lot, most of the time when he post a new one, he'll tell me and I'll go and check. Sometimes I leave a comment. Sometimes I just tell him through chat.

Mozart: You're not just a blog whore. You're my blog whore.

How hard I laughed at that? Quite so till I can feel the six packs forming my tummy hurts. It was such a proud moment and I knew instantly that I have to brag about it on here. Then another thought came to my mind.

Hanis: If people read my blog, they'll know that Noelle's my bitch and I'm your blog whore. What will they think of me?

They might think I'm an overly sexually charged girl. I'm not. I just believe in freedom of using words. Curses. Words that will totally get my mouth washed out by soap. Wait, don't go and get the wrong idea of me having a dirty filthy mouth that sprouts out curses every few mins.

I'm not. Even when I got mad at some people the past year, I restrained myself. But I should have called that one person a "Dumb plagiarising bitch," to her face. Oh yes. I do hope she or someone who knows of this incident read this. I still think you're one, bitch. I should have taken a baseball bat and aim for your car. You know, a scratch for a scratch? Yes, I hold grudges. I'm proud of it. I'm not that mature, you know.

But honestly, I use more curses in this blog or while chatting compare to real life. Unless, when I'm driving. I blame the drivers here. Most of them just think that their car is the only one on the road. I shall quote the lil bro:

"If you want to see Hanis cursing, sit with her in the car while she drives,"

Unless my parents are there. I'll just curse in my mind while wishing I can just slam into some cars and get away with it. I know, I have desire for road rage. But thankfully, I only have a violent mind. Not a violent nature. *smiles sweetly*

Talking about curses, I never really get the purpose of typing out curses but using * or any other symbols to cover up the word. For example:

F*ck off.

Only a young innocent child will not know what that stands for. This leads to another convo I had with Mozart (Boy, I know how proud you are reading this. A Mozart inspired post. Wait, that sounds so wrong). This particular convo was about how he has some rules in approving the comments he get. There's more than one but the only one I remember is the "No curses,". Oh wait, no violence too.

Damn. Strike 2 for me. Imagine if I leave him a comment such as "That's fucking good," or "Tell the ass to fuck off,". It might get deleted. Not approved. So I have to use the symbols on my keyboard here. Which is lame-ish. But a challenge. I'll just see if I can get a chance to send a comment with so many * that it won't be readable.


So keep cursing people. But do remember this rule of thumb:

If you want to curse in your blog, make sure you fall under the category of people that makes it look cool/funny. Not the other category where you look like you're trying too hard. That's sad. And do respect others when they don't curse. xD* feels like giving a message to the community*

Oh yes, while writing this out, I was listening to this wonderful song that is Mamon's fave.

Peace Out.


Furree Katt said...

i never ever ever curse. :O
i mean, i don't mind reading other people's blog posts which have curses in them, but i just don't even feel the need to curse myself.
the way you curse is cool though.

PurpleMist. said...

Haha I agree with everything in the comment above. I don't really curse much and don't feel the need to :P


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