Sunday, December 26, 2010

Being Lazy About Food. I Know. A Shock.

I'm so lazy this weekend that apart from chores, I'm laying in bed with my wonderful laptop all day long.


I do get up to shower and drag myself to the kitchen so I can feed the lil bro cook up some additional things. On Friday, I once again made tuna and mushroom mayo pie which was meant for lunch but somehow became dinner. Yesterday, we survived from hunger made beef soup for Mama, with potatoes and carrots.

One thing. Yuck. For me. Mama, Dad and lil bro ate it up with rice for lunch.

Around 5.30, I had this conversation with Mama.

"Have you ate lunch Hanis?"

".. No,"


"I had a late breakfast."

"At 10.30. What did you have?"

"A tuna sandwich,"

"That's it. Go eat some fruits that I got from my friend,"

It ended with me having half an apple and a BIG handful of grapes. Then I popped some frozen pizzas into an oven for dinner. And chowed them down like I had been deprived of food for the past week hour.

Today, is better. Mama made Dad buy some chicken parts and send them over to Grandma, who cooked them into yummy Chicken Sambal. She also made a vege dish and oh god, my tummy is growling now. In a bit tummy of mine. Just few more mins.

If you ask me what I realllly want to eat, I'll tell you that I want to have a Spicy Italian Sub on Hearty Italian from Subway with 3 chocolate chip cookies. I'll be very grateful to the kind soul that will buy me that. I'm not even gonna offer my godchildren (Honestly, I ran out of them, but wait Mozart let me be the godmother of his kids so I'll have fresh supplies) but I'll offer my sweet gratitude. And love. Well, not that kind of love. But you get me.

Peace Out.


PurpleMist. said...

Omg I LOVE the subway cookies too :D

ishashime.ΓΌ said...

Wow. So you're really a fan of Subway, huh?
I can't say I've had a Subway sandwich. Ever. Now I'm curious and want to have one! :))

Hanis. said...

@Purple, subway cookies = the best. Its a test of will power for me not buy them more than 2 each time.

@ishashime.ii , Haha. Yes. I used to go to Subway once a week when my hostel was close to one. It is goooood. Well, depends on which one you take. But yes you should try! :D


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