Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Early Morning Rambling.

Good morning, wonderful people. Its a nice, not so sunny Wednesday morning here after a night of heavy rain. I can just smell that freshness in the air. I'm still in my jammies, with Justin Bieber's Baby on repeat from my phone. *imagines Mozart rolling his eyes or scoffing* What can I say? I woke up with a need to listen to the Baby baby baby owwwhhhhh part. And you have to admit, it is a pretty sweet song that lacks any jaded-ness.

Dad told me within 5 minutes from waking up that I'll be dragged we'll be going school supplies shopping this morning. Amazing. Can't I just give him a list that compromise of few notebooks and a handful of superfine ballpoint pens (in blue and black) with a pencil and some erasers? Its simple as that.

I'm more interested in getting a new bag. Like, a satchel. Or is it a messenger bag? I want a big one to fit in my books, water bottle, purse, novel, sweets and other junk. *googles* Oh yes, a messenger bag. And also shoes. Sandals. There will be a lot of walking and I'm not going to twist my ankle by wearing wedges or anything with more than a one inch heel.

*once tripped over a flat surface, barefooted*

Dad just told me to get my ass in the shower and get ready. *pouts* I'm that lazy. I won't even wear my lenses. Before I go, I would list down certain posts to come. Its all in my mind, all it takes is anti laziness.

  1. Why I hate buying vegetables for Mama
  2. A rant on starting classes
  3. New Year's resolutions
  4. Pro-Ana

And a page of "About Myself". I just need to find out what to tell D: Ideas?

Wonderful people you all are, do tell me if these are interesting. I'll give you the godkids I'll get from Mozart.

Peace Out.


Experiment House said...

Dear Hanis,

I did, in fact, roll my eyes, scoff, and groan. It was a weird moment…

Ironically I like Bieber…when he's slowed down to 1/8000th of the speed. It becomes nice and ambient.

So, the song is called "Baby", and the lyrics are basically just "Baby". Someone lend the kid a Thesaurus and Dictionary…there are other words in the English language!

He is self-described "Kurt Cobain" like figure, and I'm resisting the urge to say I hope he also blows his head off with a shotgun.



Fiona said...

I like school supply shopping. x]

Furree Katt said...

school supply shopping is fun when someone is actually in the mood.
i'm sorry to say i have an obsession with wanting all your godkids. :P
looking forward to your About Me page! mine is so boring, i had no idea what to write there.

Hanis. said...

Dear Mozart,

It is now my mission to find songs and put the links up just to make you roll your eyes, scoff, groan and on.



Hanis. said...

I kinda got bored of school supply shopping after highschool cause in uni, it just reminds me of the torture. Classes I mean.

And since, I when with Dad, my desire to buy that file with Winnie the Pooh as the cover, was halted. I needed more mature looking files, it seems. =(

Anonymous said...

Im really interested in your pro-ana post. Im looking forward to it.

Im your latest follower btw. My name is Konrad.


Hanis. said...

Hey Konrad! I do like your name btw =)

Thanks for following, the post on pro-ana is still in the working cause its a controversional issue and I need to work on how I write it out.

Kamila said...

After school shopping.. I want to go attend school class already..

on your about me.. go just tell who you are with a personal touch and whatever interesting... put your picture if you want and some interesting fact about you..


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