Friday, October 8, 2010

50 Things I'll Never Do-Hanis Never Believed This Is Achievable

No. 135 - List 50 things you'll never do.

Damn, this was hard but when I started, it just went on and on and on.


No 135- List 50 things you'll never do

Darn, this will be hard.

1. I'll never cut my hair for a guy.
2. I'll never tell my mom my fantasies. Ya know what I mean ;)
3. I'll never eat the white part of an Oreo with glee.
4. I'll never wear neon green
5. I'll never be mature when it comes to my ex.
6. I'll never give up the idea of castrating said ex.
7. I'll never hate chocolate.
8. I'll never be without jealousy when it comes to the brother.
9. I'll never cut off bungee jumping from my bucket list.
10. I'll never stop my love for reading.
11. I'll never stop believing I'm Mrs.Draco Malfoy.
12.I'll never support Ron-Hermione.
13. I'll never think Robert Pattison is cute. Or even good looking.
14. I'll never stop wearing deodorant.
15. I'll never believe in love at first sight.
16.I'll never give up on love, even though I say I will.
17. I'll never tell you I love you if I don't.
18. I'll never be one of those chick lits fans.
19. I'll never buy shoes over books.
20. I'll never hate jeans.
21. I'll never give up writing but writer's block is allowed.
22. I'll never stop having a thing for white boys.
23. I'll never have a thing for white chocolate.
24. I'll never like citruses scents.
25. I'll never like yellow.
26. I'll never be a typical Malay girl.
27. I'll never be at peace with my brother.
28. I'll never be at peace watching someone bully my brother.
29. I'll never think Science is the bomb.
30. I'll never be perfectly pitched.
31. I'll never get over my "I don't like strangers being physically close" thingie.
32. I'll never stop being proud of my not natural straight teeth. Thank you orthodontist.
33. I'll never get a thing for movies/dramas that I need to read the subtitles for.
34. I'll never stop checking guys' teeth out.
35. I'll never get over my thing for sharp teeth on guys.
36. I'll never deprive myself of a travelling opportunity.
37. I'll never dance the Chicken dance in public for fun.
38. I'll never like fruits that ends with "erries"
39. I'll never not be a geek in some way.
40. I'll never write poetry in Malay. Trust me.
41. I'll never not name my daughter Alexandria.
42. I'll never be a pro at eating prawns using utensils.
43. I'll never cut off all sugar from my diet without medical purposes.
44. I'll never like the Malay version of a curry- with loads of coconut milk.
45. I'll never get over my "It has scales" fear. Scales refer to those freaky things on the animal's body.
46. I'll never exchange laces for bright colours.
47. I'll never stop having book orgasms.
48. I'll never stop laughing at those self-centered FB friends.
49. I'll never choose jogging over swimming.
50. I'll never go for someone who doesn't think I'm absolutely gorgeous and wonderful, again.

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