Monday, October 18, 2010

Lunch Break.

Last night's scaryhorrorghost movie was scary. Like, I screamed-face-in-pillow scary. Even though I only watched it for 10 minutes in bits and pieces. I was having too much fun skyping with a friend to go and scare myself over a scary looking old lady. Yes, she's scary looking and when *shudders* 10 minutes and I'm scarred.

*listens to Destiny's Child's Girl*

I'm your girl,
You're my girl,
We're your girls,
Don't you know that we love you.

Lunch was tasty-licious. There's this Chinese food stall selling halal food and its chinese dishes and I do love their cooking. Its better than the curries and .... other dishes that are popular in Malay food stalls. And its not that expensive. Pretty cheap if you ask me. Guess who'll be having lunch from that same place every day now?

Anyway, ... god, I don't remember my main purpose of this post =.= Wow, Hanis, there's that fine memory going again. I blame my Nescafe Ice, Christina Aguilera's Hurt and my new book as the source of distraction. But once I remember what I want to blog about, I'll tell you guys.

Peace Out.

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