Saturday, October 9, 2010

I Miss Studying.

My brother is on his computer, some online game on the screen with his history book open in front of him. He's Skyping with some friend of his. And I'm proud to be the sister of a 13 year old who's above average in his studies. *smiles proudly*

But yes, I wish I can study like him. Well, I'm not one of those "I need to be alone and silence to study" kinda person. When I was in highschool, I always had the radio on while studying. Unless I'm in my "I need to fucking memorise this" mode.

That's when I start walking around in my room like a father-to-be with my notes in my hand, muttering to myself. And yes, I talk to myself too.

"Come on Hanis. How did you not remember what you just read?Its okay Hanis. Try again."

It freaked the parents out when they heard that at midnight once.

Going to uni and with my course being 80% calculation subjects, my amazing memorising skill were not needed. But papers were needed. In those 100 sheets packets they sell at the bookstore.

*sometimes think being an actuarial science student makes her kill trees*

So most of the time when I'm studying, well after I've grasped the theory such as annuity and other things that I'm not gonna bore you guys with, I have my earphones on with my songs playing. And must I add that I sometime sing along to them?

And that when I don't get the answer by a few cents I scrunch up the paper before cursing to the deities while questioning my sanity in doing my course again. And that 10 minutes later I'll be scrambling among the paper balls to look for the one ball that had the right equations but wrong values.

I love studying. I'm saying this after 3 months and one week of interning. Watch out for my emotional profanities loaded post a few months from now when I'm in class again.

Peace Out. I'm gonna go watch Race to Witch Mountain, the new version. I remember watching the old one when I was 8. Enchanting.


Fiona said...

Hee hee, this was so funny. ^_^
And I HATE memorizing things too. But I drew these stupid little pictures on my flash cards, so those helped. :P

Hanis. said...

Haha. I fail at drawing. But I'm a big fan of mind maps. Those clouds and arrows. Not a big fan of colours though so its usually a blue pen and a pencil for me.


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