Monday, October 25, 2010

A Stack of Letters and Its a Personal One.

First thing first, its the last week of my internship :D. So its my last Monday here for my 16 weeks internship program. *dances a jig under my table* I made it. I made it. Oh yeahhh. Woohoo.

*clears throat and compose myself*

This morning, I mean, about 20 mins ago before I had my breakfast, I was looking for tissue in my bag and I came across the stack of letters . Yes this letters are the inspiration to my attempt at a multi-chapter story.

I counted the letters. There's 20.

I looked for the last one, dated 22nd June 2010.

I looked for the first one, dated 30th March 2010.

I didn't read any of them because hell, I'm not going to risk it and end up crying my eyes out here at my desk in the middle of the office.

Yes, I still cry reading them. I've been carrying the stack around with me for the past 4 months. And I'm proud that I've only read them once. Which ended up with me crying into my pretty pillow =.=

So here's to 4 months 4 days of me being amazingly gorgeous and myself.

And here's to you, No.3 who I know is totally regretting his asshole actions hope is happy with his live-in slut girlfriend. And FYI, your telling me about how happy you are with said slut girlfriend tells me enough on how much you regret it. Enjoy your life knowing you'll never get someone as good as Hanis.

Sorry boy but you've missed out.

Peace Out.

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