Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Adventures in QueueLand - First Leg of the Journey.

So you're in a queue that's moving slowly. If you're a decent person, you'll try to make your turn go as smooth and quickly as you can, true? But sadly most people aren't decent. Its a wonder I haven't seen many queue rage going on. I wish some will happen. Here's some cases that happened to me that made me just roll my eyes right behind them, stiffling insults while exchanging looks with the cashier.

This happened at a 7-11 at going home time, 5.30-ish. One cashier, a long line of about 7 people with me being the 2nd person in line. This lady in front of me for some unknown reason made the cashier scanned her items a second time around. There were about 8 items. Fine.

She then decided to question the price of one of those item. Cashier went and checked and yes, its the correct price (HAH) so her price came to about RM 7.70 or something. She paid with a tenner and among her change were four 5 cent coins. You see the situation?

She then started to go "I don't want these 5 cents. I won't even use them. Give me two 10 cent coins." Like, hello? As far as I know, most fast food places or basically any where with 10% tax would be glad to get a 5 cent coin for that RM 32.85 bill.

The register was out of those damnable 10 cents so the cashier was looking for one of those plastic bags full of coins under the counter. Behind me people were getting agitated. I was tapping my foot. Sigh. Tap. Sigh.

Lady was still being a bitch so I opened my purse and pulled out a 20 cent coin, placed it on the counter and held out my hand for those 5 cent coins. I love me some small change. And ffs, the lady had a "Oh my gosh, I'm insulted" look on her face.

Well, I did had a "Move on bittch. I'm in a hurry here and so is the rest of village" look on my face. Lady went off in a huffy fit. Pffft. And of course, I paid for my drink with exact change.

Peace Out.


Jamie Fox said...

I had a lady like this last night when I went to the store! It's so annoying, and it's usually over a really small price difference too!

Hanis. said...

Exactly. And they are usually ignorant of the line behind them =.=


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