Sunday, October 10, 2010

Happy Day of The Year Day

Okay, the title is lame. Crappy some might say. But I was just browsing through some stuffs when I noticed the date.


So I thought of naming the it the day of the year. Like, every year we'll have those kind of days. I remember back in 1999. There was a big event on the 9th of September. It was 9.9.99 and okay, the last of that millenia and century so it was a valid enough reason for tons of couples getting married on that day.

Wow, must have been a love/hate affair for all the wedding planners. All the money and publicity. But all the hard work. And bridezillas.

I for one thing had decided the date of my wedding. Well, the dates to avoid more like it.

1. Definitely not within 2 months of my birthday.

2. Definitely not in the same month as Valentine's Day.

Why? A teacher of mine once told me that her birthday, anniversary and teacher's day is all in May. Her husband only gave her one pressie. I was horrified at that.

Yes, I'm a gift loving whore. And I'm planning on not being cheated out of any of them when I get married. To whoever and whenever that is.

*wishes for Hugh Jackman. Or a hottie.*

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