Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Let's Take a Drive

I love driving. I got my license back in February 2007 and I've been driving since February 2008. What happened in the year between? I was too scared to get on the driver's seat. Like, butterflies-in-stomach, sweaty palms, "omg,I rather walk" scared. You probably be thinking how the hell did I get my license? I have no idea. Honest.

Well, I took my lessons around December 2006 after my nerve wracking exam after Mama and her friend submitted their daughters name at one of the local driving schools. I swear the moms were more excited for us to learn driving (I'm pretty sure now it has to do with making us the drivers for our younger siblings) so it was with a heavy heart, I started my lessons with the 6 hours talk on driving.

I sat near the back with my friend, reading a book while she listens. Guess who failed the multiple choice test the week after by 2 questions? Yes, me. My dad thought that was such an embaressment that he drove me over to the testing place the second time around while giving me his own lecture.

"Hanis, its all commmmmon sense. Its that easy. I don't get how you failed the first time around,"

I got 48/50 that day so it was gloat-worthy for a bit.

And perhaps waiting hours to take the test both times made me determined to pass it this time around.

Practical Part

I had a female instructor. Boy, I should have known that would be the start. One thing you must know about me is that I'm a bundle of nerves. I get panicked so easily. Put that kind of person behind the wheel of a manual car. Yes, its that bad. I'm not gonna get into it but it was bad.

My instructor was afraid that I'll fail the practical test. I was 90% sure I'll fail it due to the dreaded hill part. Did I mention my engine will die nearly everytime at a traffic light?


So on D-day, I had a mantra

If you pass, that's the last you see of manual cars.

And believe it or not, I passed.

I was shocked.

My parents were shocked.

Fast forward to February 2008, my dad got sick of me not using my license, he made me drive around for one hour. He's scary =.= I was crying when I got home. Four months later, I was driving alone.

And now? I just loveee driving. Its a stress relieving activity for me. Unless its traffic. And boy I hate the traffic here. It makes me curse. But I've never honked anyone. I count that as an accomplishment. To end this lengthy post, I'll leave with Mama's fave phrase when I'm going out with the her car.

"Don't drive so fast eh Hanis,"

Peace out.

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