Sunday, October 31, 2010

Slightly Serious With Some Miley.

Raise your hand if you've watched Hannah Montana.

Yes, I know you watched it cause your sister/cousin/kid/godkid wanted to watch it.

What do you think of that show?

*gives a moment for you to think of that*

My opinion? I kinda like the first season. But then when the show got big and Miley Cyrus got big too I got annoyed with Hannah Montana. I don't remember when I started to think Miss Montana is actually a bad role model.


I know, I'm talking about role models. I'm not a good one myself. I'm a lazy person who loves last minute studying, have trouble cleaning up my room and on and on and on. I'm not always polite but I do try to be even when the older person is just a plain bitch.

But honestly, am I the only one who noticed that Hannah Montana is lacking in the manners department. I know, its a tv show so its not Miley but the producers/scriptwriters must have written her that way.

She's rude.

Most of the time with her dad.

And its not plain teenager rude.

Its "I'm better than you" rudeness.

And this leads to Miss Cyrus.

I have a higher opinion on Bella Swan compare to her. FYI, I think Bella Swan is a joke. So that's how low I think of this young celebrity.

I'm not touching the matter of her style of dressing. Its her body so she can be a slut if she wants to be. But there's a big difference of her looking like a slut and Kesha or whoever else looking like a slut. Wait, Kesha looks like a stoned party girl while Katy Perry looks like a total flirt. Hmmm, I have no idea for now but I'll get back to this. The difference is she came from Disney and yes, it might not be her fault but I know she has enough money to get some public relations advice.

Miss Cyrus, stop trying to push away your young fans too hard. And yes, I think your latest singles suck. Last song of yours that I liked was The Climb. Can't Be Tamed = a joke.

And of course, stop saying stupid things. I know you don't want to continue your studies. Why can't all you child stars be like Emma Watson? Okay, not everyone is smart enough to go to Brown University but come on, education is important. And you're gonna get more than that scroll at the end of it all. You'll get fucking common sense.

Some might say she's young which equals to the silly stuffs coming from her. I say she has enough money to get a manager, or again, the public relations officer or whatever.

Call me a snob, but I appreciate education. If you for some reason can't afford a proper one, just make sure you read and be intelligent. As I've said before, intelligence is a major turn on brownie point in my book.

And of course, it will lessened the number of people laughing at the words from your mouth.

Here's a kid I hope won't grow up like Miss Cyrus.

Peace Out.

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