Friday, October 29, 2010

Of Blog Whoring, Last Day and Brainstorming.

Have I ever mentioned that I'm a gift whore? I think I did once. I'm also a blog whore at times. I just love replying to those threads along the line of "Interesting blogs to read?". You can bet I'll be there with my link pasted all nice and pretty and tempting.

I even have my link up on my facebook and my NaNoWriMo. See, blog-whoring again. But I draw the line at putting up my facebook link. I'm a quite private person over there. Yes, I'm one of those people that makes it impossible for you to search for them and if you ever come across their profile without being a friend, you'll get to see the minimum requirements. Its irritating, I know.

But OMG, today is my LAST day.

*dances around on my chair*

Unbelieveable. I thought this day would never come. Like, ever. But here I'am, still sane. I'll give you a moment to be in amazement.

*clears throat*

Yesterday, I brainstormed for plots/ideas for my NanoWriMo project and I came up with some that have been living in my head for awhile. Or as I said to a friend:

"These ideas have been in my head for years, in an orgy of creative thoughts and plots just waiting for me to give them release."

I know. Laugh as loud as you want to.

So maybe when I'm done choosing and writing out the plot points, I'll tell you guys :)

And woot woot, 25 followers :D

Peace Out.

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