Wednesday, October 6, 2010


I have to admit I'm one of the people who roll their eyes at stereotyping because it gets so lame after a while. Yes, I'm Asian. No, don't even think about asking me that list of questions. Yes, I'm Muslim. Oh please don't start with anything, I get along fine with you being your religion and we all just need to live in peace. And of course, I have my own driving license and I'm studying actuarial science so I'm not missing out on life. You welcome, if I just educated you by informing what is actuarial science. And yes, I don't get abused nor am I married to an older guy due to my family forcing me to.

So I do get that you can't lump a group of people under one huge assumption. And I try to avoid mentally stereotyping someone when I meet them. Of course, there's always the

"She looks like the typical spoiled kid,"

Jock. Nerd. Dumb blonde. Asian geek. Kiasu. You name it.

Some people just look like it. Most people look like a certain stereotype in my opinion. But not all of them fulfill that expectation. I remember knowing this girl once. She looked like a tough chick. She was a daddy's girl.


It was a bit odd. But that's what I mean about defying stereotypes!

This all leads to how sometimes, I meet someone who does fulfill the stereotype and forgive me, for laughing hard in the privacy of my mind or room. There's just something about it that tickles me pink.

People are people. True?

Peace out.

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fizzee rascal said...

True. Stereotypes are almost always wrong.


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