Thursday, October 28, 2010


When I was 16, which was around 2005, I was a Neopet crazy teen who hates hates Physic. And Additional Math. But what I wanted to say is that was the first time I heard about


Yes, I heard the drumrolls playing when you read that. I barely got halfway through of the target which is 50,000 words. I know, crazy, right? I remember thinking "Okay, next year Hanis,"

The next 4 years I always had exams in November. Which made me cried and cursed. Not because of my inability to participate in NaNoWriMo but due to my having to study.

So now, after 5 years I've decided to give it another try. Woohoo. I got an email after making an account for this year. The title of the email?

NaNoWriMo loves Hanis.

Why thank you =)

The email included tips for this torture challenge and the one that made me laughed was tell as many people as you can that you're gonna write a novel. This will help in Week 2 because the thought of embaressing yourself will be a wonderful motivator. Indeed you're right.

To anyone interested to lookie at my page there, please do so. I'll be trying to think up an idea/concept for this crazy notion.

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