Thursday, October 21, 2010

I Already Named My Future Kids. Any Offers to be Their Daddy?

For the past 3 years of being in Uni, I've gotten used to being around friends that doesn't aim to get marry after a certain age. Wait, I need to elaborate. Here, the normal view is that if a girl gets marry after 25, its a bit late. Yes yes, I can be a maiden aunt at 26. Or something.

The usual trend I''ve seen among university/college students is that (keep in mind, I'm talking about the girls) they're aiming to get marry, if they even talk about that, after knowing that they are secure and successful enough in their job. I usually ask them what's their definition of secure and successful.

The usual answer is "Having my own house/ car or have significantly supported my parents,"

And being me, I sometimes had blurted out

"Unless you're making big money, that will mean a long wait before you settle down,"

And that, apparently came out as an insult more often than not.


But its a bit different from my course-mates, well the ones I'm nice with. They don't set certain goals or a certain age. In fact, most of them (pervy lil kids) wants to be marry off asap. Okay, just kidding. Not asap. But, perhaps in the next 4 years with us being 21 now.

Don't start thinking we're a group of " I want to be barefooted at home" kinda girls. Excuse me but we are actuarial science students and not typical girls.

Its just the fact that we don't see marriage as a stick in the mud for a career. We don't see marriage as slowing one down. We just see it as a time to be like rabbits time where we can grow and share and develop ourself together.

Let's not even start on our "I want a baby" instinct. *is not immune to this unless after taking care of my lil cousins*

So imagine the reactions I got from my old highschool chums when I went "Aww, I want a baby boy of my own. I want to get married!!" (said in a joking way).

"Hanis, are you crazy?"

"Are you're going to throw your studies away?"

"What's the matter with you???"

Geez gollywhizz people. Its not happening tommmmorow. Or even next month. I'm still looking for the future daddy, remember? Marky Mark AND Hugh Jackman is unavailable, sadly.


I've forgotten the point of this post. Again. But I know it has something to do with different ways of looking at a situation. Or something. SO what do you think of my post? Am I crazy for already having a list of names for my 4 kids (2 of each) or is this just normal?

Peace Out.

P/S: I get dibs on Alexandria, one of my future lil girls would be named that and called Xandria. Wooohooo.


The Sneezeweed said...

You are so far from crazy! I think every girl has that mental list of baby names. Mine tend to be so eccentric, I might have a hard time finding a guy willing to go along with them. If he answers no to the questions "do you have a degree?" "do you make sure your socks match your shoes?" "can you cook?" and "do you like the name Paisley for a daughter?", then he is out! ;)

Hanis. said...

Hahahahaha. For me, if the name is unique and not plain silly, its okay. Paisley is so cute :D Just don't name your kid Cinnamon Buttercup or something.


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