Thursday, October 7, 2010

Sugar Sugar Baby

If anyone takes a look at my diet, which I mean eating habits or whatever, they'll come to the conclusion that I get my sugar mainly from my drinks. I don't really take dessert, unless its chocolate. So if its not chocolate ice-cream, chocolate cake or anything, no thank you.

Baked goods such as bread? I have a preference for the plain tasting ones. Especially the ones that most will scrunch their noses at and proclaim how tasteless the bread is. And no, I don't butter them up before eating them.

So moving to my drinks, I have to admit that I love soft drinks and chocolate drinks and tea and anything sweet. But not any more!

*is super proud*

Its been about a week since I've started but I'm drinking loads and loads of plain water and about a mug of sugarless chocolate malt drink with a dollop of fresh milk in the morning and at night. And I feel more, well my body feel lighter but I'm still getting tired so easily at night.

Think: Hanis being half dead asleep on the bed at 8pm.

Don't worry, I haven't cut off totally, I still take a bite, or lick. Everytime I see the tub of chocolate ice-cream in the freezer.

Peace out.


Fiona said...

Are you serious? I can't resist anything sweet. Especially Nutella. :D

But I agree on your like of plain bread. If it's way too flavorful, then it really ruins it.
And I love tasteless crackers.
Call me weird, and I won't care. x]

Hanis. said...

Hahaha. I try to resist but since my house lack sweet stuffs like chocolate spread, I'm good xD.
But other sweet stuffs? Not so much in the tempting sense.

If I call you weird, I'm weird too :D I love those crackers too. I just adore how everything taste so plain in my mouth. And if I ever wanted to sweeten things up, I'll use some honey.


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