Monday, October 4, 2010

I'll Give Up My Godchild

So yesterday while browsing Yahoo articles I saw one with a video of J.K.Rowling thus got a slight bit interested. My guess was that it must be about the upcoming Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows movie but NO. I saw the title and I swore I got a mini orgasm right there.

"J.K. Rowling might write 8th, 9th or even 10th Harry Potter book"

*hear some muffled complains on 7 being enough*

*kicks those away*

Never mind that I hated the famous '19 years later' epilogue and only read it during my first time reading it before closing the book in disgust. Harry and Ginny. EWWW. Yuck. Sorry, I'm a Harry-Hermione fan. I'm a Harmony shipper ^^

Yes, I've reread the book about 4 times, the least amount of rereads for a HP book since I gag at Hermione and Ron. And yes, I do read HP fanfics still, once in a while with hopes of a Harry Hermione ending. My brother calls me delusional but pffft.

Going back to the topic, I got so excited at even the thought of there MIGHT be more HP books. Imagine how I'll be if suddenly it comes out that it is confirmed that she will write more books.

*imagines excited screams, eye rolling from the brother, a groan from the dad at the thought of buying the rest for me*

Yes, all of my HP books were bought by my dad because most of them, well the last 4 came out near my birthday (25th July) so I totally put on a

"Please please please. I won't ask anything else for my birthday. Like ever. Well, until the next book comes out"

I usually get the book by suprise because usually my parents would be all

"Can't we wait till it get cheaper?"

"That would be 6 months away,"

"Not that long"

"Everyone would have read the book then,"

"Not everyone Hanis,"

"Fine, everyone that loves Harry Potter would have read,"


And I'll get the book on either my birthday or the day it comes out. *proud of myself*

A running joke is how long it takes me to finish reading the book the first time around. Less than a day.

So here's to the possibility of more HP books for me to read.

Idea. She should write books on the parents. Pre-HP era. Like that 500-word or something story she wrote for that auction. I love that snippet though .

Peace out.


LionessWithoutAPride said...

"Like that 500-word or something story she wrote for that auction. I love that snippet though ."

Also, you're a Leo! Like me! *as if it weren't evident from my screen name or whatever :/*

Hanis. said...

Ooopsie. Its 800 words *goes on a Googling craze for it*

Now, if I'm not mistaken, you can read it here:


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