Saturday, October 30, 2010

Impatient Me.

I'm in a proper writing mood. My fingers are itching to just start typing out my story. But its only the 30th October here.

*is sad*

November November, come here soon.

Yes, I'm alll geared up for the torture. I chose my plot, mulling over the names (Hell, its my fave part) and just plain waiting. Today, I went swimming after dropping off couple of my HP books to a friend who wants to read it. Then I was like "I need a hair cut,"

Its been a year since my last one so with my damp swimming pool smelling hair, I got my hair snipped off by 2 inches and got a nice fringe.

Just wait for my complaints on said fringe.

Since I have to hold back from writing my story, I've been doing poetry and the next chapter to my Letter series. Expect for that to come out this weekend :D


Totally lost my train of thought so I'm heading for a quick nap before going out with the lil bro. He needs a new computer game while I need a new book and some hair clips.

Peace Out.


Jamie Fox said...

I'm getting excited too, but I'm using the next day or so to finalize my plot details. I have something basic going, but I'm not really sure where to go with it yet. Hopefully it comes to me soon!

Hanis. said...

I hope so too :D I have like, certain scenes up in my head already, I usually just have to think of how to connect those scenes.


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