Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Its The Final Countdown

I swear that song got stuck in my head when I was 15. It was at one of those motivational talks and the person-in-charge who happened to be my tuition teacher had a "Be on time" issue. Not that I have any problems in being on time. But I think the other 99 students had a problem with being in front of the hall on time.

Not that I blame them. The two days talk was held at a country club. And the food, buffet style were tasty. Let's not mention the hot guys in the swiming pool that we can peek on from the balcony in front of the lecture hall. Or the bikini babes.

*smacks myself for a bit*

So my teacher made a rule that he'll play the song everytime after a break/meal to signal that we should start coming in. And whoever is not in their seat when the song ends, is dead. Well, I can't remember what happened to those latecomers because usually I'm person no 8 or so to be in my seat. But the purpose of this memory lane is to tell you everytime I hear the word countdown, I'll be all

"Its the final countdownnnn!!"

Cue the staring and eyebrow raising. But if you know me, you'll just think either I'm overdosing on sugar or I'm lacking sleep. Or I just had two mugs of instant coffee for my late night studying sessions.

Ooooh, talking about late night studying sessions and instant coffee, I remember last semester, around April, I was studying Actuarial Math with a friend. It was 3am and the paper? In 5 hours. And it was my 4th paper out of 5 with the 3rd paper being about 12 hours ago. So yes, I was panicking and Actuarial Math happened to be that semester "omg omg I'm gonna fail this" paper.

Around 3.15 am I was dancing around the hall with my green blanket around me, laughing at little things. My friend got scared and told me to go to sleep. I did with some half-hearted protest.

"If I fail this, I'm gonnna blame youuuu,"

I was asleep in 3 minutes.

Moral of the story? I have no idea. I'm not gonna say never do last minute studying because that will make me a hypocrite. Perhaps I should be more careful and limit my coffee intake while upping my sleeping hours.

*looks at all I've typed*

Finally, the purpose of today's post *grins before taking a sip of my apple vitagen*. In 17 days, it will be my last day of interning. 17 more days to the end of 4 months. 17 days to the end of 16 weeks.

*runs around screaming in joy*

Let's just ignore the report I have to write. And the slideshow I have to make and present. Okay, I'll do the draft for my report.

This post is also the 100th post ^^.

*takes another sip*

Here's to 100 posts and 13 followers.

Peace out.


Jane Taylor said...

Great blog cookie, I really enjoyed it so I'm following you now.


Hanis. said...

Aww I'm glad you like my blog =)


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