Friday, October 22, 2010

I Give You Wings, You Want Ribs.

Excuse my butchering of a Malay saying as the title of this post. I changed some of the wordings before translating it word-by-word. In case you're wondering what's the original saying:

Bagi betis nak peha

And the word-by-word translation:

Give calf want thigh.

Fuck that. See how ugly that kind of translating is? Erase that from your memory people and just read that the meaning of the saying is that People are never satisfied with what they have. And yes, they use body parts in a saying. And I think its not the only one. I remember one where it mentions a turle in a small boat. Oh wait, here it is:

Kura-kura dalam perahu, Buat buat tak tahu.

I won't scarred you with another word-by-word translation but it says a turtle in a boat, pretend not to know.

It sounds stupid but in Malay, it rhymes and I like using it xD. Just for the sake of the rhyming sound. People usually use this saying when they want to accuse/say someone is pretending to be in the dark on a certain matter.

So going back to the first saying, it was chosen as a way for me to start with my slight rant/post of this lunch break. Woohoo. I love blog hopping. I love reading blogs about life. It gives me a nice insight on how people of different upbringings/walks and whatever live. And somehow I think it makes me more tolerant of other faiths/cultures. Not that I have a problem concerning that but still, there is always room for improvement, true?

I also have a guilty pleasure of reading blogs that are angry/cynical/depressive at life. An insight too, perhaps? Or maybe it tells me that Hanis, you're not the only one who thinks life should be kick in the ass. And anything along that.

One of the things I've always come across on is girls lamenting on how fat they are. And sometimes there are pictures of them and I go like

"Damn girl, I'll kill to have that body/weight,"

Yes, I'm overweight but whatever, I'm gorgeous then and I'm gorgeous now as I'm in a slow battle of shedding some weight so I can totally show off up in front of guys that overlooked me people and tell them to fuck off,they missed out their chance smile demurely.

And perhaps those girls just can't see how gorgeous they are. Its okay if they're like me. HAHAHA. I mean, if they have a healthy attitude with perhaps a day or two of "I think I'm ugly" vibe going on every month. But it just breaks my heart to read on how they bash on their appearance without any sign of confidence.

Like, girls. Listen to me, if a guy wants you to be slender, read: very thin, tell them they can go bugger a twink. Hell, I should have said that to No.3 when he told me I should be like, light enough for him. Asshole, go build up on your muscles so you can carry more weight.

So repeat after me. You are gorgeous.


Make that your mantra. If you wanna be thin its because you want to. Not because of some magazine saying you should be a certain size. Not because a guy wants you to (remember, "Bugger a twink").

Beauty fades.
Wealth gets spent.
But I will always love you.

And if you still find it hard, take some of my Mama's advice which I admit was given to me about 7 years ago when everyone else had such cool phones, like everyone in the whole world except for me. Note: Don't use everyone in the whole world line. Won't work.
So Mama said this to me:

"Hanis, there are kids out there who don't even have their own phones"

"But but,"

"Just think this everytime you think you're lacking something, there's someone else out there in worse conditions,"

And now I'm totally using that, well after giving the saying some tweaks.

If you think you're fat, there's someone fatter out there.

If you think you're ugly, there's someone uglier out there.

If you think you're stupid, there's loads of idiots out there.

And so on.

So love yourself *tells that to myself too*

Peace Out.

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LionessWithoutAPride said...

"smile demurely"
You are RIOTOUSLY funny. :D :D :D


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