Thursday, October 28, 2010

Would You ... Tag!

Be extremely beautiful or extremely intelligent?

For sure I'm gonna be extremely intelligent. I'm already totally gorgeous. And come on, bimbo isn't such a pretty looking word. Makes me think of mambo and bingo.

Go without brushing your teeth or go without washing your hair for a year?

Damn it. Can I just shave my hair and continue brushing my teeth? No? Damn it again. I'll go without brushing my teeth for a year. They never said anything about gargle and mouthwash!

Be rich or famous?

*Hears Lifestyle of the Rich And Famous playing in the background* I want to be famous for my books. Which means leading to me having my own Wiki page!! Woohoo. I only want good fame, you know, not like being famous for being Hugh Jackman's mistress or another version of Snookie. You get me? And since I'll be famous for my books, I'll be rich too.

Be able to sing or dance?

This is easy. To sing. No, I can't dance. But I want to sing more than dance.

Be stranded on an island or a desert?

Island. Desert = little water + bright sunshine + sand + extreme temperature differences. At least I can try to be sexy on the island. ;) Coconut shells as my bra. Flowers woven in my hair. Something like that :P

Have a computer or TV?

When was the last time I realllly enjoyed TV? Hmmmmm, ages ago. Make it a laptop with a big screen, build in mic, wonderful built in webcam and long lasting battery.

Wear spots or stripes for the rest of your life?

Spots. Stripes are overrated. Spots make you look fun.

Drink out of a teacup or a mug?

A mug is bigger thus more space thus more water.

Receive a bunch of flowers or a box of chocolate?

This is a trick question. I swear it is. I'm sure my friends who read this will roll their eyes and say "DUH, Hanis is the chocolate lover. She'll pick the latter. DUH,"

Which made me think, about anyone who spent some time with me knows that I love chocolate (dark chocolate or milk chocolate, plain if you can) and can get me the box of chocolate.

But if someone reallly know me, they'll know just what kind of flowers to buy for me. And to stay away from roses and sunflowers. And orchids. I just hate those. So I'm gonna go for the flowers and see who can give me the flowers I love. (Carnations, peonies, gardenias. Nothing red or orange or yellow. Pink and white is likeable)

Have a hug or a kiss?

Urgh, can I not want either? Unless its from hot guys Marky Mark, Hugh Jackman or Johnny Depp. Hahahah, I just have a personal space issue. Which leads to a hate of physical/skin contact with strangers. Or most people unless you're my close friends/family.

But if I haveee to chooose, I'll go with hugs. Huggly Wuggly.

Wear Converse or stilettos?

Converse, I can't run from evil aliens/murderers/stalkers/zombies in the latter, right?

Be a fairy or a mermaid?

Mermaid. I wanna wear those sexy shell bras. Or maybe I've always wanted to be once since I watched The Little Mermaid over and over and over.

Coffee or Tea?

Tea. I don't do coffee, much.

Live somewhere sunny or cold?

I'm already at a sunnny place and I'm a half vampire that go urgh at sunshine. I want to try the cold. Wait, give me somewhere with four seasons.

Have an amazing house or an amazing car?

House please. Cars' values depreciates soooo fast. And I've always wanted a nice house with a wooden theme (wooden floorboards, like a cabin you know) that comes with a nice study that has built in shelves for my books. Oh yeah, indoor swimming pool too xD

Be kind or funny?

Laugh, and the world will laugh with you. Cry, and you'll cry alone.

I want to be kind.

Be hated or a hater?

I hate being hated. Hell, I need people to like me. But hating takes a lot of hardwork. If I'm hated, will I have someone or two who loves me? A guy who is totally devoted to me? Then yes.

If you have to choose, lose your sight or hearing?

Hearing. I have so many books to read. And if I can't hear, it just means I can't hear the hurtful things people say about me :)

Have lots of money or lots of friends?

Friends. Need I explain?

Love or be loved?

I'm tired of being the one who loves the jerkasshole that don't appreciate you. I've loved people who don't give a fuck about it. This time, I want to be loved and appreciated.

What to do now if you've been tagged:
1. Copy the Would You Rather picture and put it into your own post
2. Answer all questions
3. Tag others

The lovely Jodie tagged me so I'll be tagging *looks in list*

Kim who's blog is fun :D

Simone from The Top Bunk

and of course


Woot. I wish I can tag Hugh Jackman. Or Marky Mark.

Peace Out.


Mia said...

I love you as a blogger. Just saying.

Hanis. said...

Aww shucks. Thank you <333

Mia said...

No problem at all. :]


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