Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Agatha Christie and Jayden Woods, Love You.

In between my interning work and my attempt at another story, I'm reading ebooks. My dad pushed me into ebooks since according to him, I can't buy every book I want to read. He said the same thing when he told me to just go borrow a book from a library.

"But then I have to give it back,"

"That's the purpose of a library,"

"But I want the book as mine ... If I can only borrow it, its less special,"

Mind you, I said this in response to his idea of waiting for the HP books to be stocked in the library instead of him buying them for me. I do read library books. Once in a while. I also borrow friends' books. And I don't feel sad in giving them back to their rightful owner. Well, some books I just want to keep and write my name all over the front of it.

HANIS. Hanis. HaNiS.hanis.hAnIs.

You get what I mean right?I like the third one by the way.

The problem with ebooks is that not all books are available, either for free downloading or for us to download at all. Most of the time, its the more ... aged books that are available. Or independent books and so. But I joined a site about two weeks ago because I wanted to read Jules Verne's Journey to the Center of the Earth.

Did I found it? Yes. Downloaded it? Yes. Read it? Until page 12. =.= Its different that a book that I can curl up with in bed and hold in my hands.

But yesterday, in a fit of boredom, I downloaded two Agatha Christie books. The Mysterious Affair at the Styles and The Secret Adversary. And I got hooked. Like, seriously hooked. Never mind that about two months ago, I read all the Wiki pages on all her books. I wanted more. More I tell you.

I know you're waiting for the bad news.

That's the only two available. I googled, searched and so on. Nope. Nothing. Does anyone know where I can download other Agatha Christie books for free? I'll give my godchild to you. Noelle, I love you with all my rainbow coloured heart.*bats eyelashes at Noelle*

Then I remembered from like, 5 years ago at my highschool's library there's a whole section full of her books. And I remembered turning my nose up at them.Bah humbug. Mysteries are boring. I weep now. I weep so badly. But since I have a 13 year old brother in that school now who has a library card.... *cackles* Oh dear brother of mine, I'll buy you a lolly.

Once that is over, I mean, my Agatha Christie dilemma, I browsed sites for interesting ebooks and I came across Jayden Woods who got a page and there were 10 short stories/ebooks available. And out of curiousity, I downloaded the first one. Then another. And another. Until I got all 10 in my cool little folder.

I love all of them. One story was released every Tuesday starting from May and yesterday, 5th October, a book was released on Amazon. I neeeed it. I have to buyyyy it. I'm on book 4 of the short stories. And I'm loving every word.

If you're interested in downloading those ebooks, do click here.

So that's my adventure in ebooks so far. Any suggestions of books or sites will be appreciated.

*leaves candies and cookies and brownies*

Peace Out.


The Sneezeweed said...

Hanis, if there was ever a post I could relate to, THIS is it. When I started reading about how you like to *own* your books (even if it is just to ensure getting those Harry Potters when they come out ;) ) I was beaming "me too! me too!" It is so hard to part with a book that you have curled up with and delved inside of. And I commend you in trying ebooks, because it is a switch I simply cannot bring myself to make..

Hanis. said...

*is glad she's not weird with her owning books thingie*

The reason I finally gave ebooks a try is because I've reread all of my books so many times that I remember the plot. And some details. And maybe because I don't have money to buy new ones =.= The dad won't sponsor me yet, I'll just have to wait for another bookstore sale in the lobby below. Or there is that warehouse books sale this weekend ....

And of course, I need more bookshelves. Then I need to fill them up, true? ;)


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