Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Dear Management

Dear student system at the hostel,

I'm coming back next semester, I know you missed me and my lack of participation in activities. Of course, I'm one of those who sent in the activity card with only 2 coupons last year. In my defense, Mamon and the rest did the same too.

The reason of this nice letter is to remind you to give me a room come this year end. Yes, I'll be a degree student and I know we have to pay for our boardings so don't worry. My parents will be more than glad to pay the RM400 needed to get me out of their hair. Its cheaper than getting me a car.

Word of advise? Please don't let me get another weird roomie, especially with degree students being in the 2 person rooms instead of the 4 person rooms. What, you don't know what I mean about weird roomie? Well:

A) Remember the one in my 4th semester? You know, the girl who was always on the phone, talking to her boyfriends. Yes, she's no monogamist. It was torture listening to her cooing in her fake little girl voice about how she's not as pretty as so-and-so. Fake modesty. Let's not forget when she was in a temper. The little girl voice went out of the window. Wait, she even like crying sometimes. Wow.

But thank god she didn't last long. She decided to run away after the short Chinese New Year's break because her parents wouldn't let her 21 year old self get engaged. I was relieved I didn't have to hear her heavy hip hop ringtone again.

B) One roomie in my 3rd semester was a sunshine freak. =.= GOD NO. She wouldn't stop pulling open the curtains alll the way back even with our room facing the busy main road. Did she care that I slept at 5 after a night of studying? No. Did she noticed I literally buried my face under the pillows due to being in the bed beside the window? Yes. Did she care? No. Did she had to pull open the curtains on my side as well? No. Did she? Yes.

So please no more plants-like roomies who needs the sunshine for their respiration system. Or whatever it is. I'm a half vampire, remember? And I don't sparkle thank you.

C) Last sem roomies. Two of them. I don't mind the third one. This one is specific. In fact, I'm gonna send a letter to the recruitment part, asking them to place those two in another course so I don't have to see them again.

D)Any coursemates of mine except for Mamon who I love so much.

E) Roomies during my 2nd sem, who all loved putting on their alarms at loud. And never seem to wake up.

Other than the above, I beg for you not to place me with a born-again, holier-than-thou individual. Don't blame me if they come in to report being bitch slapped by yours truly. Yes, I'm still living on the " I'm not messing in your business so who the fuck gave you the right to do so with mine?" way of thinking.

I'll love you so much if you give me Mamon as my roomie. I'll even participate in the activities with an increase of 12% in participation. It will be easier for both you and me if you do this. Love you long time hostel management.

Peace Out,
Hanis .

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Freya said...

haha great letter !!! good luck :-)


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