Monday, October 25, 2010

When She Talks, I Bet You Yearn For Me.

Life is sweet you know? Just this morning I wrote a wonderful post wishing the best for No.3 and somehow by fate's intervention I managed to have a chat with the slut girlfriend who didn't know that I kinda figured it out that its not No.3 I'm chatting to.

How did I guess it's not him?

a) The constant usage of "u" instead of "you"

Honey, I have my standards and that kind of typing is a big NO-NO for me.

b) The lower standard of English

c) The excessive sharing of private details.

He might be a jackasshole but he's not that crude. Even when he decides to be so

d)The lack of creative storytelling.

Again, I'm picky.

e) I have familiarity with him. After months of chatting to him. So my instinct had a feeling ;)

I might have said that he's a bit odd. To which "he" denies and 3 mins later "he" was offie.


Boy, I know you downgraded after me. But that bad? Wow.

*muahahahhas again*

And yeap, I know she's that perfect weight = 115 so congratulations. :D

It just seems with you getting a girl with less weight, you had to downsize the IQ level too.

Note: I'm not saying thin girls are dumb. Not at all. It just refers to No.3's attempt to make me lose weight with his "I'm afraid I won't be attracted to you."

Yes, he's Mr Go Bugger a Twink.

Yes, I'll pass on your "Fuck You," to him.

He told me to be 115.


He got some girl that weight who's two inches taller than me. And with less IQ.

You can't get everything.

*is sorry for the way this post is just jumping from line to line, lacking smoothness.

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