Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Peace Sign Index Finger Down.

Its Wednesday morning here :D Wooohoo. Two more days till Friday, my very very last day of internship. *dances like a crazy chicken* Trust me, I look like that dancing. But since I'm one of those sentimental people, I'm gonna miss this place, a bit. *gives a moment of tearing up before smiling again*

News 1

I was bored out of my mind passing time by reading the forums here and I saw this lovely lovely person promoting my blog in a "Interesting blogs suggestions" kinda-ish thread that I replied to. I blushed and smiled to my ears while reading it and then I had to resist the urge to gloat about it. Yes, it means no calling over random people to my lappie and showing them the comment. And of course, I didn't copy the link and gave it to my friends. So thank you so much kendra30752 :D

News 2

I gave one of my supervisor the evaluation form and he gave me a peek and *giggles* its alll excellent, well, except for my people skills which is only good. *sulks* Mama always said I don't mingle and socialise well since I have this "If you talk to me, I'll talk back." attitude. I'm just shy people xD I swear. Hanis is a shy person. (Stop laughing Noelle, I'am shy)

That's the 2 bits of news I was eager to tell. Yesterday, Dad and I hitched a ride with his brother, my Uncle (duh) because Dad's new car is only coming today. So after picking us up, we went to pick up my Auntie before heading back home. The traffic wasn't THAT bad but still, it took us about 90 mins to get home. And for about 87 mins, the conversation was mostly about cars.

Uncle : I heard the price of Car A went down due to yadayadayada

Dad : That's cause they're going to release a new model yadayadaya

Hanis : *half snoring in the backseat*


I think I'll be posting again today on some other random shits. And maybe my first ever poem that has some sort of rhythm/flow.

Peace sign, Index finger down.
- Gym Class Heroes
Been stuck in my head since last night.
Peace Out.

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