Monday, October 18, 2010

I Hate Those TMI Friends on My List.

Today, I spent most of my time reading a wonderful wonderful blog known as STFU, Parents. I laughed myself, shook my head in disbelief and so on. Some made me think "Woah, seriously people?" and of course some made me want to tell them to just shut the fuck up.

I don't have problems with parents. Or lil kids. Hell, I want 4 of my own one day. But I do have problems with oversharing on Facebook or any other social networks. Its okay to TMI once in a while but do you have to give a blow by blow about your recent fight with the bf(who doesn't have a FB account btw)? Before tearfully declare that you're not going to go into another relationship for like a year? And that you learnt your lesson. Let's not forget how few months later you're back with the cheating asshole and is telling everyone how happy you are.


Another thing is that Four Cube or whatever that is? Its the application that like, tell people you've checked in at so-and-so destination. I have a friend on my list who does that. He updates every damn movement.

"Has arrived at home in so-and-so,"

"Has checked into so-and-so restaurant,"

Add with his twitter updates that he somehow connects to Facebook and I'm so tempted to say

"Dang, do you think you're some kind of celebrity or are you setting yourself as an easy target?"


One word of advice to the people who overshare on any social network, shut the fuck up. Another advice? Go get a freaking blog and write down there. Blogs are okay for all your TMIs. You can indulge in your "I'm such a celeb" feeling there too.

And some might wonder why don't I just block those people?

And let go of a chance to laugh at people and their actions? Please. To those friends, do know that only a handful indulge you and your habits for the sole reason that they too are like that. The rest of us? We either had blocked your updates or are laughing at you. Its a comforting thought knowing that out there, there's someone more pathetic than us.

Get a blog. Whore out the link. Its free. And just shut the fuck up or you'll get a bitchy comment from someone.

Peace Out.

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