Saturday, October 16, 2010

I Don't Do ScaryHorrorGhost Movies.

Last night, I was planning to shower around 10. Two minutes later, I was sitting on the sofa, face half buried in the pillow as Mama, the bro and me watched a scaryhorroghost movie. The one in particular is known as The Haunting in Connecticut. Yes, I had to check how to spell Connecticut.

Yes, I watched a scaryhorrorghost movie.

Hanis don't really do that.

Well, I don't watch any scaryhorrorghost Malay movies. I can watch some Thai ones, Korean, Japanese and definitely English. But not Malay or Indonesian ones. And I happen to think the reason behind my seemly odd ... choise is logical.

You see, the ghosts in Malay/Indonesian movies talk in Malay. And the probability of the real ghosts here talking in Malay or even Thai is bigger than them sprouting out words in English.


Okay, I know there are some flaws in there but it helps me. I'm utterly scared of Malay scaryhorrorghost movies. And haven't watched one in ages. I just la-di-da myself in my room with earphones on, volume up whenever Mama decides to watch some scary ones.

So moving back to the last night movie, I screamed like, twice. And Mama was confused if its me or the bro.

Mama :Who screamed?

Bro: Hanis

Hanis: I'm the only one whose eyes are not covered by a pillow or hands

My brother has the best method. Everytime the movie gets into a dodgy moment, the pillow will be covering his face. Pffft. I remember watching The Omen with two friends who insisted it to be one of the best movie of the summer.

Note, I didn't know what movie we'll be watching until we were at the ticket counter due to my mind being preoccupied by a cute guy in front of me.

Friend: Three for The Omen

Hanis: The whattt?

Ticker Seller: The Omen it is.

And I was dragged to the poster and saw the evil kid. Helllll no. But I enjoyed it, especially the photographer dude who is also Remus Lupin in the HP series so it was nice. *has a love for the older men in the HP series*

I was the one sitting in the middle. My two friends? Were the ones hiding their faces in my shoulders. I know. Woe me.

The Orphan was okay. I watched it on my friend's laptop and totally cheered on the mother when she bitched slap the little girl scary creepy woman and kicked her straight on the face at the pond.

So the reason that made me wrote this post is the cute guy in last night movie. In my opinion, he has a resemblance to Tom Felton aka Draco Malfoy. Not a striking one but still.

Take a look.

And another. This one reminds me of that Harry guy in the Spiderman movies. God, what's his name? I'm tooo lazy to google. But he's a cutie.

So I'll go and watch more scaryhorrorghost movies when there's cute guys in it.

Peace Out.


HiddenWriter. said...

Haha, this post made me laugh.
I haven't watched many horror films, the only one worth mentioning is Drag em to hell, but even then I thought there was nothing to be scared off (but that's probably because I watched it during class crowding around a laptop :P)

Hanis. said...

Haha. Drag Me to Hell will be on later tonight. And I might be watching it even though its scary. I watched Paranormal Activity with my 4 friends on a laptop. I was sitting as far away as I could. But it was still scary.


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