Sunday, October 17, 2010

My Date With Marky Mark.

Remember how I wanted to buy these stuffs? Well, yesterday, yours truly managed to ruin her brand, well, over a month new earphones. T.T And I need my music.

And today I'm going off to watch Marky Mark's latest movie *is very very excited* Here's a pic to ogle him.

I know, I'm in love with him all over again. And I have my brother to thank for this wonderful future movie viewing. This convo took place on Friday night.
"Let's go watch Wall Street lil bro of mine"
"Awww, I wanna watch The Other Guys,"
"Who's in it?"
"Will Ferrell,"
"And Mark Wahlberg,"
"Let me go book two tickets in advance for Sunday,"
So Marky Mark, wait for me *sighs happily*
As a side note, I'll be buying a book and a new pair of sunnies. Wooohoooo. And maybe new earphones. Cardigan shall be bought in a shopping trip with the parents.
Peace Out.

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