Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Brand New Room.Kinda.

I painted my room today. Its about 80% done. I know sometime in the near future, I'll look at my walls and resist the urge to smack my head against something hard. Multiple times. While muttering or screaming these 7 words over and over.

Why the hell did I choose pink?

Yes, ladies and gentlemen.

Hanis, the girl who don't do pink, chose pink for her room. In two shades! Once its all done and settled in, I'll try taking a picture to show you guys the pinkness of my room.

As in Mama's words:

"My daughter is becoming a true girl now!"


Furree Katt said...

aww, pink won't be that bad. i've always had a white room wherever i've lived, so i would be grateful if someone offers to paint my room in any colour, haha. i'm sure it'll look really cool!

Hanis. said...

Last time I had a pink room was when I was 4. I had barbie dolls and dresses in the closet.

I had a blue room since I was 11.

Aww, only white?Let me come over and paint your room ... purple? I like that colour.

PurpleMist. said...

I like purple too!
Oh and please do post up a pic of your pink room, hopefully it won't turn out as bad as you're predicting!


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